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Posted by on 1999 Nov 12 |

Genie Lost and Found

(Therenborough, Therengia: Moliko 359)

A bard steps up the bar and motions for a drink. "Thank you good sir, been a busy last few weeks.

I am sure as peole drift back down from Theran you are hearing many of the stories but let me tell you of one that started here in Crossing."

It was just a few weeks ago that I caught word of a troupe of Gypsies traveling from shard to theren. Now being the curious sort I wandered down to the meet them as they entered crossing. Imagine my suprise when I saw a bear tamer, severel bards, some trinket sellers, and a few seers. Now from such a crowd you would think may stories could be told but no wasnt any of those that started this tale but a travel worn human by the name of Brashin.

Now Brashin being the good sort, chatted awhile as the others set up camp and wandered off to see the sights of crossing. Always being in search of news I asked him if he had any stories to tell. Well he told me of how when he was younger he had found a strange lamp that had a genie inside. Granted three wishes he wasted the first two on power and wealth but with his last wish he did a noble thing he freed the Genie.

Now the Lady of the lamp as I shall call her and Brashin fell in love and spent many a happy day togather. But as sometimes we do when we dont know the treasures we have, Brashin got the lust for adventure and said goodbye and set off to see the world. He spent to long gone and Reliana the Lady of the lamp left in tears left to pursue her own life.

Brashin his heart growing heavy with not seeing his love came home to an empty house. Now he is out searching the world for his Love. As I heard this story with a few other bards being the romantics that we are, we each set off and composed a song to spread through the realms to help Brashin find his love.

Well the next day I and a few others traveld north with a gypsy lass. Shortly after we go there the festival began. I spent hours each night singing the song I had made to try to find the lass. Severel days into it I run across a corner and find Reliana laughing and enjoying herself right in front of me.

Now the lass was a beauty to see and so full of life that she litterly twirled in place trying to take it all in at once. Well I told her of her lost lovem, but it seems word had already reached her and she was hoping to see him. Well we became fast friends and preceeded to explore the feastival togather. Now the next day while we where resting in a field an evil presence made itself known. An old crone came out and threatened Reliana, it told her she had broken the rules and would be punished. Now the crone ran off and next began a time when we senesed her stalking us often.

As the days passed and Brashin though seen a couple times never could seem to be brought to his love. The evil of the crone seemed to loom larger. The Gypsies brought themselves into the fray and called on thier leader to help. A bard of age, wisdom, and power. As these things usually do it all came to a head one night. We had all gathered and I was guarding the genie when the crone snuck up on us and flashed the lamp. She started chanting a spell to send Reliana to the hells, the gypsies started to advance in the confusion I looked and saw the genie was gone so fearing that the only way to save her was to kill the crone I advanced on her to. Well my friend Heironymous cast ice patch just as I arrived and with one blow I killed the body of the crone. The guards who obviously where confused immediatly jumped on me and charged me with murder.

A few momments lator I was in a dungeon and arranging to pay my fine. The bard pauses with a sigh in his story and mummbles something about idiots and guards. Well when I returned I found out that Reliana had been captured by demons the Crone had summoned and that she was alive again. Seems mortal weapon even blessed could not kill her. Well the gypsies gathered round and thier leader the Matrioch Bard gave of her energy to make her son Sangris a dagger that might kill the crone.

Well after much seeking of clues we found out that the crone had taken Reliana to an abdoned tower near Kaerna. Well to shorten a long story we went there and Sangris battled and killed the Crone. The lamp and Reliana where rescued.

Its a happy ending right? Well sort of one problem still remains. The lamp that the crone had with her had last been seen with Brashin and he we could no longer find. So now we search for him where before we searched for Reliana before.

The bard finishes his drnk and places the empty flask near three other ones. Drops a gold on the table and waves as he walks tiredly out.

By the hand of Kortny Horselord…