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Posted by on 1999 Sep 18 |

Goblins Force a Stalemate, Haven Attacks Starting to Look Like Diversion

(Riverhaven, Therengia: Akroeg 359)

Kilinor walks into the tavern, and finds a seat at the bar.

"Greets Baresh, a glass of sparkling mineral water fer me," he says. "Wow, has it been a long few weeks fer all us in haven! After the first wave of attacks, the goblins ceased sending in troops, aside from the occasional sniper attack. We’ve been sitting here on our arses listening to the assassin blow hot air about how he’s, ‘Warning us for the last time’, and that, ‘He doesn’t want to see us all slaughtered’."

"Then A few days ago, Portense picked up a parchment that showed the nuber of goblins surrounding haven. It read:"

"You are granted 25 snipers, 50 archers, 50 Bowman, 100 raiders, 25 berserkers, 25 pikemen, and 3 catapults. Bandit numbers unknown, Sailors headed to you now. Third clan is still unaccounted for. Send scout to investigate."

Kilinor continues, "We also know that they have a huge number of heavily armed ships. Captain Zoryl of the ZEF was talking to us about how he sunk one of them coming into Riverhaven’s port to repair. A few minutes after he left for Ratha, we got a distress call from his ship. We heard the Captain’s thoughts, they went something like, "attack….more ships than first expected….ship damag….." Then he was struck down. Just yesterday, the assassin was talking to our group when he decided to call in the catapults. We all got smushed real bad and have since stayed in smaller groups."

"About Theren, we think there is a strong connection between the Goblin’s delay and the Book of Chadatru. Whether they know of it or not, Theren is still in grave danger."

Kilinor finishes off his water, throws Baresh some Kronars, and heads out the door.