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Posted by on 1999 Dec 1 |

Hodierna’s Warning

(Riverhaven, Therengia: 326 Dolefaren 359)

A slender Elothean Cleric, Brynnfairn Argahyua, walks hesitantly up to the bar. "Excuse me barkeep, have ye a pint of Vykathi ale? I need something strong to stay my trembling hands."

She slowly reaches out to grasp the pint of ale, using both hands to steady the glass as she brings it to her lips.

"I tell ye, the times are unsettling. First strange visions of Hodierna’s unicorn and of a small boy in the forest holding a carved wooden unicorn in his hand. What do the visions mean?"

Brynnfairn gazes down at the floor and shakes her head. "Tis unsettling, very unsettling." She takes another sip of her ale, face flushing and voice turning husky from its harshness.

Brynnfairn clears her throat and then motions for the barkeep to lean closer. In a soft voice she begins: "The day the visions began I was hunting blue belly crocodiles with a dear friend. While regaining my composure, after seeing the disturbing vision of the boy in the forest, I quickly tapped into the Gwethnet."

"I overheard a brief conversation discussing a certain Lord Sorrow and a book about the Standing Stones near Riverhaven. It seemed that these individuals recalled a book in the Riverhaven library. One of them mentioned heading up to Riverhaven. Curiosity got the better of me and I decided to head back there myself."

"Without telling a soul, I quietly walked over to the Academy library and found myself browsing the bookshelves in search of anything that might explain the visions I had witnessed."

"While I had my nose tucked in a book I suddenly felt I was no longer alone in the library. I quickly lifted my eyes from the page and saw what appeared to be a moon mage (my eyes were weary by this time and the lighting in the library a bit dim)and cleric huddled together and deep in discussion. They quickly scanned the bookshelves but found nothing of interest. I managed to overhear snippets of their conversation. It seemed that they were trying to make sense of the visions."

Brynnfairn quickly observes the room and takes another sip of her ale. Her confidence growing she says: "This pair spoke in hushed tones and kept looking about nervously. They didn’t seem to notice me and kept talking. They puzzled over the visions and began to wonder if the vision of the boy in the forest represented Sorrow himself."

"Unfortunately another individual entered the library and the cleric and the moon mage appeared quite concerned about being overheard and quickly took their leave."

Brynnfairn shifts her weight on the barstool, looks up into the barkeep’s eyes and says "There is a great fear running in me. Ye know I am trained to hunt the undead. Spend much of my time in the Manor in Riverhaven. I run into all sorts of characters in there. Rumors easily get passed along."

"There were rumors of undead invading and shortly thereafter the Wir Dinegos hit the NE Gate in Crossing. I’ve been trying to make sense of the visions of Hodierna’s unicorn. If she is sending us a warning perhaps there is still hope, some way for us to take action before a horrid fate befalls Elanthia?"

"I am greatly concerned that the visions are being forgotten and their warnings go unheeded. I suspect Hodierna feels her gift of life is being taken for granted. Ye know some individuals in Elanthia view death and the act of ressurection as a common everyday occurrance. There are some who live out their lives in the Realms ignorant to the ways of the gods. Some who dare to live day to day without seeking favors of the gods. Ye know if Hodierna turns her back on us many may walk the Starry Road due to their own ignorance."

"We are living in dangerous times and I beseech ye to seek the favor of your god. Do not procrastinate lest ye find yourself walking a road ye don’t wish to travel."

"Oh, I almost forgot to mention I had a strange vision today, while bathing in a holy pool near Kaerna Village. I saw a tall, proud Human Warrior Mage, her long hair swept behind her in a severe ponytail. At her side stood two snowy white wolves, their maws dripping and their eyes a baleful red. Her eyes flashed with madness, and all about her grew towering black ironwood trees. I’ve been trembling ever since. Twas unsettling to see a vision of this mad mage. I don’t know what to make of it."

Brynnfairn guzzles down the rest of her Vykathi ale, eyes tearing from its potency. In a husky voice she bids the barkeep farewell and mutters a prayer for protection and guidance.