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Posted by on 1999 Nov 9 |

Law Has No Bite

(Langenfirth, Therengia: 242 Moliko 359)

"Just dropped in for a moment Baresh, to see if the one I’m trying to meet is perhaps here." Fae fidgets impatiently.

"Did I forget to tell you on my last stop in that I scented the empath who was on trail some turns of the sun ago?"

He laughs and nods. "Yes, indeed I did … and since I’ve never been to the islands that are spoken of so often, it was a bit of a surprise."

Peering around again, sniffing the air, the Prydean seems not to find who he’s seeking. "It was at that fever place … the +festival+ that I scented her … more than once."

His grin is infectious. "It would seem the Easterners give a lot of whisker …" He pauses a moment. "Wait a moment … mouth … no, that’s not it …" Pondering he lashes his tail. "… lip … that’s it .. lip … to what they call their laws."

Sniffing the air one more time, he laughs. "Ah well, there’s so much to learn about the East. But … I believe the barge has been sighted … I must run."

"’til next Baresh …"