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Posted by on 1999 Nov 18 |

Letter from Mayor a Forgery

(Crossing, Zoluren: 279 Moliko 359)

After several announcements of Town Meetings by the Mayor where he did not even attend his own meeting, I asked Baresh for a copy of the last letter received.

After some careful and dutiful research, I find that the letter is a forgery, and not at all from Mayor Scrimm.

While official enough looking at first glance, there was no seal on it. And the clever forger did not get the return address correct. While the document stood up to a cursory examination, I must apologize to all the patrons of the Wren’s Nest and tell you it was a forgery.

Many things can be attributed to Pendegast Scrimm’s taking of office and execution of the duties since then, but I do not believe a "no show" is one of them.

Once again, I am sorry that we were part of this attempted forgery.