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Posted by on 1999 Oct 20 |

Misappropriation of Funds?

(Crossing, Zoluren: Uthmor 359)

A shadow-covered S’kra Mur steps in, placing battle-scarred hands upon the bar as he gazes out from beneath his hood at Baresh.

"Greetingsss, Baresssh. I’ve sssomething interesssting that you ssshould probably sssee."

With that, the ‘Mur reaches into his cloak and produces a copy of what appears to be blueprints and then lays them upon the bartop.

A quick glance at the blueprints reveals a set of plans for what appears to be a greatly enlarged City Hall. Scrawled across it are the words "How to fund this and still stay elected?" written in Mayor Scrimm’s handwriting.

"Now Baresssh," he hisses,"myssself and a few of my .. assssssociatesss discovered this within Mayor Ssscrimm’sss office and felt it to be of sssome importance. It’sss obvioussss what it’sss meaning isss. Ssscrimm hasss been misssusssing the fundsss that we’ve been paying to him to ressstore the Temple and the Longbow Bridge."

With that, the S’kra turns away from the bar and then says quietly, "It’s time this town woke up, Baresh. Make sure those plans’re in full view.. this’s something that shouldn’t be kept quiet. Expect to be hearing more from my associates, because we have a certain knack for discovering things such as this.."

He then slowly exits, silently as he had arrived, the plans still sitting on the bartop, one end of the paper fluttering lightly in a breeze.