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Posted by on 1999 Sep 13 |

More on the goblins

(Crossing, Zoluren: Akroeg 359)

An elf walks into the bar and sits down at the counter. He smiles weakly at Baresh and rummages around his pocket until he pulls out two gold coins. He places the coins on the counter, "Elven sherry please, Baresh."

Baresh places an Elven sherry on the bar and the Elf takes a sip. He starts suddenly, "Baresh, on behalf of my son I would like to apologize, he was the one that killed the goblin lietenant that was under the white flag of truce. However upon recent discussion with him, I can shed more light on the situation in Riverhaven."

He continues, "Apparently the goblins had come into Riverhaven looking to buy the town of all things! The goblins mentioned something about purchasing it for the ‘Angry ones’ whoever they are…

My son, being how he is, shot at the lietenant who promptly began running, smart move, that boy has a pretty good aim." The Elf smirks and looks down at the hole in his hunters.

"My son must have chased the goblin about 10 minutes and finally gave up, the goblin came back under the white flag and made the ulitmatum that if they could not buy Riverhaven that they would take it by force, it was at that point that my son decided to shoot the lietenant."

"A fight ensued as the lietenant summoned some beserkers, raiders and bowmen. At one point a warning was given that one week from today (Although I’m not sure by what time scale he was speaking Elven standard or Elanthian) there would be an invasion in Riverhaven, I gather that it will be fairly huge."

"I’ll be there fighting, if nothing else to keep my son alive before he does something stupid again. We’ll need help too."

The Elf finishes off his sherry and puts another gold coin on the counter and walks out.