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Posted by on 1999 Dec 4 |

New bard shop due to open in Riverhaven

(Riverhaven, Therengia: 341 Dolefaren 359)

Fayman strolls into the bar with a big smile on his face.

"A tog whisky please Baresh, I gots some good news fer some in here."

"I was wanderin around Crossin’ when I heard rumblins of a caravan wiv an unusual cargo about ta depart from da crossin trader guild."

"I bein’ me nosy self went ta see what it was. I saw a big four wheeled caravan laden down wiv crates and CaravanMaster Maoural who was waitin fer somefin."

"In walked two guardsmen, Hadwin an Sinzar. Sinzar look like he been drinkin all night. Don’t get me wrong I likes a good drink."

Fayman takes a good swig of his whiskey.

"But I do nae drink when dere serious fightin to be done an I figure dey needed all da wits dey have as i heard about fenrae stalkers an such on da norf trade route."

"I figure dey needs all da help dey can get so I joins da caravan along wiv a lot of over folks dat fink da same."

"Maoural was under contract an couldn’t tell us what was in da crates but dey looked like good folks ta me an it was fer a shopkeeper in Riverhaven."

"Someone really didn’t want dis delivery ta take place cos at da bridge jus befor stone clan we was ambushed by someone wiv a silken voice an a few thugs, bandits, stalkers an cutthroats. Dese was easily put down wivout me even gettin to use me sword. and we continued."

"Da same fing happen at nearly every bridge an narrow part o da route an I killed a few o da attackers which included gypsy ruffians too. Anyways we finally gots to Riverhaven, dang nearly sank da ferry it was rockin pretty bad under da weight."

Fayman grins at the memory of the fighting.

"At Riverhaven we was attacked again an da caravan got left behind fer a bit, which worry me but we got it back ok an we got to see it was a delivery fer da ferever closed bard shop."

"It was den it came clear ta me dat da attacks were probably enemies o da bards from Shard cos of da brave bards in dat town."

"Maoural said dat she fink dat someone didn’t want a Prydaen settin up shop as dey went to a lot o effort to stop her deliverin."

"Anyway da owner of da shop is Chofupi, a Prydaen."

"Maoural said dat da shop was attacked jus before we got dere wiv da delivery so it will be a couple o days fer it to be tidied up an ready to be open. But fanks to da caravan guards it will as da loss o a first cargo would have ruined any business."

Fayman finishes off his drink.

"Nice ta have some good news fer a change after da last few days eh Baresh?"

Baresh nods in agreement adding, "Yes and with happier bards around Riverhaven the folks that have to live near those Zalfung stones should be a bit more cheered."

Fayman gives Baresh a few silvers and leaves.