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Posted by on 1999 Nov 19 |

Overview of Events Surrounding Lord Sorrow

(Crossing, Zoluren: 278 Moliko 359)

Please bear with me a bit for this account is a bit rambling.

This account is what I was able to piece together of the events that have been occuring. If someone has something that they know is different from this account please throw it forth. I give no guarentees that all of this information is correct. ::grin::

During the Festival, specifically during the robbery of the relics, and their recovery, some person named Sura gets on the gweth and is a bit of a loud mouth. Now those that recall this event will remember that there was one person that Terald didn’t identify as one of the relic thieves. Turns out from other events that it was most likely this Sura person, and that Sura had hired Terak and crew to do the theft.

Now just earlier when Terald was replacing the relics, he was being quized by Blasword about Lord Sorrow. We found out that Sorrow used to be called Sura. And that he is/was a powerful mage. And that he created the S’lai race. Blasword could probably go on a bit more about this but that’s all that is important for this account here.

Now back to this ranting on the gweth. Mainly what was occuring was that Blasword was calling Sura "Lord Sorrow" and this Sura character was becoming upset to the point that he stated if Blasword continued he would be killed. Well now we have to deal with Blasword’s taunting as other events will show.

Nothing happens with this until last Sunday night. The dwarves are having their weekly get together in Stone clan, which has been going on for a few months now. Hegemonic started these meetings and they seem to be having some success in gathering the dwarven people together.

Well this week is a bit different. Seems Lord Sorrow and company decides to crash the party. Before, during, or after the multiple waves of S’lai screamers, hunters, and assassins, all the dwarves in the area received this vision:

"An intense vision overwhelms your senses You see hundreds of Dwarves defending the gate to Stone Clan against an overwhelming army of S’lai and strange Humanoid creatures.

Fierce magics crackle in the air, violet and red lightning bolts flash down from the sky – killing Dwarf and S’lai alike. The S’lai slowly crush against the Dwarves, and by sheer mass of numbers force them to retreat inside the gate.

On the horizon, you see the outline of a lone mage clad in dark clothing look over the battle. The vision slowly fades and normalcy slowly returns, as mad laughter fills your ears."

This seems to me to be a vision of the past….what happened to end the dwarven occupation of Stone Clan. I leave this to the debate of scholars.

Okay so after Hegemonic and others kill Sorrow, and they drive off a few waves, they get harassed and taunted from the shadows for a couple hours. Then Sorrow kills Burlock and Hegemonic with DO. (moon mage spell) Pretty powerful guy.

Now shortly after this….at about 10:54 pm eastern the clerics receive this dire vision:

"Your vision blurs with hazy shades of light and dark, as a white unicorn appears before you. Its head bowed low as if carrying a great burdern, it slowly lifts its gaze to regard you. A great keening sound erupts from the unicorn as it stares at you with accusatory eyes heavy with pain. It turns and slowly painfully lopes into the folds of a dreary forest."

Well that caused me to go up to Stone Clan and find out what I could about all of these happenings. What is Hodierna accusing us of? What did we do wrong??

Remember there has already been Ryeka’s vision from Damaris about gaining favor for hard times are coming.

Okay so on to Monday. Again there is a S’lai invasion of Stone clan. Lord Sorrow has a few more bully boys with him, which I’ll get into later on. Supposedly there was that Panther vision, which I have yet to get a copy of.

Tuesday now. During the day we have Truffenyi speaking to Ezyra just like Damaris has spoken to Ryeka. Very scary stuff here people, the gods talking to us.

Later that day we have this vision that clerics and moon mages received:

"Suddenly your mind is filled with a vision. A small boy wearing simple tattered robes stands alone along the edge of a wilderness path. His eyes are sunken and full of fear, his face dirty as he stares at you, his hands cupping some object that you are unable to discern in the shadows of the darkened woods. As the vision begins to fade it becomes more troubling. You realize the child is urgently trying to tell you something. His lips move but you can not hear the words."

Now quite possibly we have two seperate events here. On the one hand we have Lord Sorrow and on the other hand we have the gods giving their clerics visions about hard times to come. I thought at first that they were seperate but last nights events leave me uncertain.

Shortly before last nights invasion my friend was in Haven out the north gate in goblins. Was sharing what I have told him concerning this on the gweth. He was just speculating whether this guy is Sura, Sorrow, or some split personality.

Suddenly the air crackled with energy around him.

He heard the voice of Sorrow ask, "Perhaps I have decided to embrace my new name, eh?"

He responds, "That may be true. So which name do you wish to be refered to? Or is some upstart named Sura pretending to be you?"

The voice of Sorrow exclaimed, "I will make you all realize why I was given this name!" Laughter filled the air.

"No, Sura is me. Or I was Sura. Either or."

He said, "I shall let the people know that then if you wish it. Sura did not want to be called Sorrow so it was confusing."

The voice of Sorrow said, "Ah, yes. Spread the word. Blame it on Blasword."

He asked with a hiss, "What is that silly paladin to blame for?"

The voice of Sorrow said, "I’ve decided to embrace it, and you will all fear the name when I am done."

"What will bring us peace with you?"

The voice of Sorrow replied, "If all kneel before me and swear fealty, perhaps. But that just takes the fun out of the whole thing." There was a sigh in those last words.

Chanting could be heard, and then suddenly, a noose of darkest shadows forms in Sorrow’s hands. With a flick of his wrist, he sends it flying at the wildland goblin! A wildland goblin’s hooded cloak is destroyed! The wildland goblin cries out as the noose of shadows closes around its left arm! A wildland goblin collapses to the ground, shuddering and moaning until it ceases all movement.

The voice of Sorrow said, "I think I will go. I’ll spare your life, for now."

Another goblin or two is killed outright with one spell and then there is a deep sigh of contentment from the shadows.

He said, nearly babbling, "Umm….thank you dread lord…."

The voice of Sorrow remarks, "A pleasant evening to you."

[That occured about 10pm eastern Tuesday evening.] Shortly thereafter another big invasion hit Stone Clan. This time Lord Sorrow has his whole compliment of bully boys out to help:

For those who have been asking for a list, here are the Players Thus Far:

Sorrow Predator Darkensi Swiftclaws Magus Prayk Gantanlion Arcane Mage Sadiaer (no last name on his as yet)

So we have Sadiaer (arcane mage is unknown as war mage title), Sorrow who is a formidable moon mage to say the least….along with Prayk (Magus is 90+ moon mage title) and Darkensi (Predator is unknown as thief title). Others can go into their more specific abilities if they so choose.

What is most distrubing…and the only thing that ties these two events together is a Parchment that was found by more than one person on S’lai screamers last night:

A parchment reads:

"Commander, I am losing patience. You either find the book of the Zaulfung Stones, or you will suffer most dire consequences. Lord Sorrow"

Now if this is related in some way to the clerics quest for the Gift of Life I don’t know. That is the only relation between the clerical visions and Lord Sorrow’s involvement that I can see as yet.

Any one with new info, comments, or something else is welcome to try to put this story together.