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Posted by on 1999 Sep 19 |

Riverhaven War Camp

(Crossing, Zoluren: 37 Akroeg 359)

As I walked the streets of Riverhaven, the air was decidedly different from its normal atmosphere. Sure, it still reeked of fish, but the mood was off.

As I walked through, I passed huddled groups of growling, drunken militia-men, clutching their weapons and muttering about goblin snipers. People had gathered around gates, waiting for attacks.

I had experienced some of the troubles with goblins a few days earlier when we had gathered around a gate and the assassin killed a friend of mine. A burn spell opened up a nasty wound on its arm, and a volley of arrows and crossbow bolts rained at the goblin, but he disappeared before anything had any effect.

On a side note, the goblin seems to have a power similar to the refractive field spell or ranger camouflage.

It wasn’t until the day after these groups banded that the goblins actually really assaulted. Again, the assassin spoke from the shadows near the east gate. As people gathered, taunting on both sides increased. Finally he went silent as people continued to hurl insults at the shadows. It was at this time that fire from a catapult struck the east gate, wounding most of those there.

While most of us lay prone and bleeding on the ground, goblin raiders and berserkers swarmed in, hacking the inert forms to pieces. I recovered before any got to me and hastily bent the light around me, then grabbed the nearest corpse and started to drag it.

I’d also like to commend Lord Marshal Rock on the efforts he’s taken to band the people together. After seeing some of the militia we have, I think any kind of strategy would be impossible…but it is certainly worth the effort he’s putting in.

A pen in the Crystal Hand,

Contemplator Sarineon Larnamdak