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Posted by on 1999 Dec 3 |

Sorrow and Sidhlot Team up for World Domination

(Crossing, Zoluren: 338 Dolefaren 359)

The intentions of Lord Sorrow which we have desperatly tried to warn our fellow adventurers of… has now finally come to full view. Many of you have discredited our actions… calling us bloodthirsty warriors acting upon on ignorance for the sake of battle. However, today the reasons for our concern proved to be even far more dire than ever we imagined.

Necrolord Sidhlot, Lord Sorrow, Sithsia, Velmix, Prayk, Darkensi, and Munira were observed by our lunar mages gathering in some sort of Plotting room. On the table in this room, lay books containin’ valuable information on the Zaulfung stones.

Many of us have had grim encounters with many of the attendees of this plotting meeting, Sidhlot, the legendary powerful necromancer. Velmix… the mysterious sorceror who appears to have rose from his own grave. Sithsia… a sorceress of evil, belived to have aided Farn in his quest to bottle up the great evil during the Zaulfung Stone incident, she has not been seen for almost 350 years till now. And of course, Sorrow’s lackeys… Darkensi, Prayk, and Munira.

Fearing the worst, scores of us gathered at the Town Green… silently keeping tabs on their whereabouts and sharing knowledge with one another. One in possession of a ring which contains valuable information on the Stones, Romeode, was captured by Sorrow’s men.. and we next viewed him in their plotting room. The group viscously slaughtered Romeode for his ring, then dropped his body off near the foothills of Sorrow’s Reach.

This was the last straw, and our group marched out toward the Reach… to attempt to find the place of their gathering. A brave Moon Mage named Dyten aided us with important information we needed to plan our advancement, and keep us updated on what appeared to be transpiring in the room.

Coming upon Romeode’s mutilated body, we paused ta’ aid him then pushed on further into the Reach. Along the way we were ambushed by Darkensi, Prayk, and Munira… along with hordes of S’lai screamers. The smell of ozone and clanging steel filled the air as the battle seen erupted into full force.

During this first wave however, we appeared to suffer great losses, many falling at the hands of Prayk’s deadly moonburns. Amid the stream of deaths, we managed to recoup and fight back against the enemy with fierce determination.

Within the grounds of Promada village, we manged to gain the upperhand… killing of Prayk, and badly abusing Darkensi. Without these two, the S’lai screamers were easily slain. Alas, we were finally gaining control over the battle, but had no idea as to the location of the gathering.

After many long hours, the battle winded down.. and we returned ta’ the city proud that we had fared well against them, but dismayed that we had not discovered anything of importance.

Much to our surprise, Prayk and Darkensi were about our Town Green… under the appearance of a brief truce. A meeting was held in the house of Anghmar, and much to our surprise Lord Sorrow and Sidhlot joined us in this meeting.

Let me recount a few of the things said…

Sorrow says, "I mean to unite the lands and reinstitute the government of old."

Tesalan asks, "Are you offering us the choice or forcing it upon us?"

To which Sorrow replied, "I offer no choice."

We are standing on the brink of something very big. The power wielded by the members of this group is enormous, and the effort we make to stop their plans will have to be great. I ask that everyone try their best to keep update date with the information we will be presenting, and join us in our cause to disrupt Lord Sorrow’s plans.