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Posted by on 1999 Oct 18 |

Stunning Visions

(Crossing, Zoluren: 156 Shorka 359)

A young elven ranger clad in green strides into the tavern. He sits at the bar and starts talking with a strong accent.

"Ello Baresh, me’name’s Elvarn Swift’shadows. One elven cider please." He says.

"I’ve got quite a story te tell ye Baresh. While I was walkin’ through the city of the Crossing on my way to the forest outside the northeastern gate, I was stunned. Suddenly, a deafening pain exploded in me head, and as I drifted into unconciousness I heared a voice whispering to me from the shadows, "Did you really think we would let you get away with stealing from us? Take this warning fool, you are lucky to be alive."

"I dun’t have no idea what dis means, I have nae been stealin’ from noones, but could dis be a message from the enemies of Elanthia?"

Elvarn swiftly downs his elven cider and tosses a few tarnished coins onto the bar.

"Thankyas fer listenin’ Baresh, I might be stickin’ te hangin’ round the forest sum more, instead of havin’ me head bashed open."

Elvarn gathers his belongings and walks out the door nursing a sizable bump on his head.