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Posted by on 1999 Oct 10 |

The Exile Brand

(Crossing, Zoluren: 124 Shorka 359)

"Just a moment Rykelan, I have to share something with Baresh." Cat-slitted hazel eyes, set deep within a face surrounded by an unkempt, short wavy blue-black mane peek in through the half-opened door of the tavern.

"The rumours are circulating barkeep, and these last three I’ll share with you for the moment are causing rampant emotions wide and far."

"The empath was found guilty by the jury, apparently by a majority vote of 7 to 6 … now don’t quote me on that, because it’s only rumour." The grin surfacing on the Prydean’s face reflects fully in his eyes. "And there are many that are raising voice for and against that." He shrugs, and continues on as someone outside seems to tug at his arm.

"Jury called for her to be exiled. Yet the judge found it in his heart to add the branding. On her face I believe it is, but I could be wrong. Someone said the sizzle when the hot iron touched her skin was heard from afar and the smell of burning skin was rank."

Balancing on one foot as he get tugged on again from outside, Fae nods once to a patron whose scent is familiar at a nearby table. "And the last I’ve been able to verify, but only by the lingering odour of both the empath and the dwarf with the ice-covered heart. Seems he was the one to take her down to where the old ships docked to send her off to the islands."

He nods once, "If you don’t believe me send a Rakash down there. My nose is good, but the pu.. I mean the Rakash’s are even more subtle when it comes to distinguishing what smell is what. Tempers are hot and heavy ’bout this verdict. Some are even saying that jurors were bribed."

Grinning he allows himself to be pulled out, the door not yet closed behind him as his voice drifts in "Anyway, I have to go drop some scrolls off the the bard guild … count this bit of rumour as payment for that point to the hermit who was be able to tell me about the …"