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Posted by on 1999 Nov 8 |

The Line in the Dirt

(Therenborough, Therengia: Arhat 359 )

"An interesting bit of fever, Baresh … this thing the Easterners call a … +Festival"+."

"The first I’ve ever seen of anything like this in the Eastern hubs. Frenetic. Dangerous. Mysterious. And the search by most for metal pieces was … educating."

He peers at the barkeep, narrowing one eye as he does so. "Do you have any idea how many can be controlled through these metal pieces?" The Prydean tail lazily circles in the air as Fae continues to speak. "It was an illuminating experience."

He pauses then lifts the corners of his mouth into an impish grin, the fur riffling alongside his muzzle. "But even of more import .. now that this frenzy of action is done … I seek information. Like the meaning of the line in an isolate portion of the gathering."

Illustrating to Baresh, Fae draws an imaginary line in the dirt on the floor. "I crossed it. I toed it. I walked it. I hopped it. I tried sweeping it with a battered broom. Poked my claws into it. I even saw a trader hug and kiss it. All to no avail."

Eyes bright with curiousity, the kit smells the air of the Wren’s Nest Tavern taproom as if the answer could be carried in the winds. "Now that the fervor has died down and the tents have disappeared from what they call the Baron’s land … I was hoping to find out more about it. If you hear of anyone speaking of it, tell them to seek me out, would you Baresh?"

Faelkal brushes the imaginary dirt line off the floor with a rather bushy part of his tail, then leans forward again, one arm resting on the countertop. "I meet a most interesting fellow in Therenborough … Doroset? Dorsot? Ah, I’m not much for names .. I better remember scents and one’s appearance. I just call him Dor."

"I was put onto him by Denalis in Leth, seems the two do a bit of business together from time to time. And I had some items I wanted him to examine for me. To my shock I found a cloak lying on his floor that was … well … it looks like one of my relatives has been flayed." The voice of the Prydean quavered a bit. "I picked it up, of course, and with Dor’s nod took it with me, along with a few other things I found there."

"I’ve heard many easterners disparge those who are furred, but I’d not expected to find this. And know you … as I wandered the Fairegrounds, I found that these cloaks were being sold for quite a few metal pieces." His eyes narrow.

"I’m seeking out that merchant’s supplier, bad enough that there are mindless cougars and bobcats constantly killed by Easterners .. Faugh! I’ve even had to kill one or two myself in the Forest when I did battle with a dryad, and was attacked by the furred that stand only on four legs … but this … this cloak .. and the many I saw there …"

Hazel-slitted eyes flicker and narrow even further. "May the wrath of Eu … the hand of Tenemlor and the vengeance of Demrris strike those responsible if the souls associated with these skins were removed from the circle."

A hissing and sputtering sounded from the kit, until he took a deep breath, seeming to calm himself. "But that is another matter, Baresh … for I’ve an appointment to keep, there’s a bit of ice I need to see in my quest."

"Until next our paws meet Baresh, may your claws stay eversharp."