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Posted by on 1999 Oct 28 |

The Therengian Festival

(The Provinces: Uthmor 359)

An elegantly dressed Elven man strides into the bar, observing the room carefully he approaches the counter.

"Baresh my fine man" He says, "A flagon of your finest Elvish Wine."

Pausing to wipe his mouth on a fine spidersilk handerchief, the man looks at Baresh and motions him to come closer.

"Are ye aware of the rumours about town, regarding some sort of celebration?" he whispers.

Baresh slowly shakes his head, "No, I have not heard of any to date."

The Trader looks up from his flagon, and smiles broadly. "Well…I shall hae to spread the word then…"

"I just received this tidbit of news which I am sure all by now have seen. But for those who have not…be sure to post this document where all may see it"

He reaches into his ebon spidersilk cloak and produces a sheet of parchment, the parchment is written in a grand flowing script.

Quietly he hands the parchment to Baresh, along with a platinun coin.

"G’day Baresh, I hope to see you up there. Be sure to buy yerself something nice with that." He winks then quickly exits the bar.

The parchment reads:

Special Envoy Visits the Crossing!

Special Envoy to the Baron of Therengia, Atheina Wourthington, visited the Crossing last night. She brought with her a proclamation which she read

to the fine citizens:


In celebration of midsummer and to commemorate the rebuilding of the Theren Chapel in the Keep, the Baron has most generously offered his lands nearby

for a glorious and magnificent festival!

We welcome you to share in days and nights of revelry, games of chance and skill, and wares and merchants of the most exotic and splendid nature.

Come one come all and join in the festivities! On the eve preceeding the festival a most excellent feast will be provided for you in the Great Hall of the Keep at the behest of the Baron. He has also kindly commissioned transportation to be provided from the remote points of the realms. The Baron welcomes you, each and all, and expects your presence at the close of this week!


Shortly after sharing this wondrous news, the Special Envoy and her companions, the Magician Ishrandi and the Bard d’Theren Avinelle, retired to an inn for respite and the sharing of good stories and drink. The Special Envoy’s squire Jarth, having been spotted sneaking off to avoid his duties polishing armor, remained at large when the Special Envoy departed for the province of Qi’Renshalia the next morning. Before she left, the Special Envoy assured citizens that more information, as it became available, would travel south from Theren and be shared in the news scrolls.