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Posted by on 2000 Jan 1 |

A day with a druid.

(Leth Deriel, Zoluren: 52 Ka’len 360)

I am not sure how many of you know of Lunustar, the druid of Aesry, but on this day she spent her time with me and some members of the council of Leth Deriel.

She shared her pain and her history with us. It is this pain and history that I would like to pass on to you.

Lunustar comes from a place named Traal. A land very far from known Elanthia. She belongs to a druidic council called the Council of the Mist.

According to her, the is not a true druid yet. She is still an apprentice. Her master, who was her father, died when he came to these lands eight years ago to confront a necromancer named Waesae and bring him to justice.

To get over here they used a gate, she called it a Traalithian gate, to come over from Traal and only her father knew how to summon the gate.

This poor woman wept softly throughout the telling of her tale and broke down completely by the end.

There are also some other interesting tidbits that she revealed. She can see visions or get strong feelings when she hears someones name or looks at someone. It is a power that comes and goes. I will share with you what she said about a few names.


Lunustar says, "the name holds only warmth….that is odd…..I felt hope…" A feeling she says she has not felt in 8 years.


Lunustar says, "I get a feeling of danger about Erzebet, for her."

And even me…Mordiazi

Lunustar says, "I feel you are trying to right a ancient wrong"

About her magic she says,

Lunustar says, "necromancy is magic of druids that is forbidden to be used. The untrwisted version my master used was a combination of life and holy energies… a necromancer would use the perverted and sanctioned version of such."

We spoke about so much that day that I am sure I left alot out, but I do hope this gives everyone alittle more insight into what makes her tick and I hope you can see the goodness in her as I can.