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Posted by on 1999 Dec 19 |

A long-overdue funeral

(Crossing, Zoluren: Akroeg 360)

A young elven cleric whom Baresh was becoming familiar with walked in the door. For once, she did not seem excessively troubled- only very thoughtful and maybe a little sad.

"More of that excellent cider, please, Baresh?" she asked, with a slight smile. "And yes, I do have a tale today.

"The paladin Blasword sought my aid today to lay a soul to rest- that of Kaiyetkia. He felt responsible for her demise, and the torment she endured before the gods took her home, so he asked the Ranger Randshia to contact me via wolf.

"Some may remember that Kaiyetkia had come into Crossing with a number of darvengers and other creatures- who eventually broke into the Half Pint inn to retrieve her body after she had been slain by our citizenry. Blasword did not hold anyone to blame for killing her- according to his own words, there were those who had cause to want to kill her. But he deeply regrets that she had no chance to form a new life.

"Today Blasword found her body where it had been neglected in the brush and brought it to Tiger Clan, then sent for me. We buried her in the Tiger Clan cemetary and prayed there for the gods to keep her soul safe.

"I do not know what happened that caused her to make the choices she did in her life. But she deserves a peaceful rest now. May the gods grant such to their lost child."

With that, the cleric stood, dropped a few silver on the bar, and slid out the door.