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Posted by on 2000 Mar 27 |

Adders and Visions

(Kaerna, Zoluren: Nissa 360)

A light surrounds the slowly opening door, illuminating the figure of Zyghila, a young elven cleric. Proceeding to the bar, she asks for something elven and, as if in a trance, begins to relate.

"Recently, I was sitting in the dark grove, near Damaris’ shrine, instructing a few friends, when out of nowhere I recieved the following vision:

A raspy bone-chilling laugh echoes within the deepest recesses of your mind as a vision of the Crossing materializes, leveled to the ground in the wake of the Adder’s parade of destruction. The voice whispers harshly, "You have to find me a suitable sacrifice." The vision quickly fades.

Needless to say, it makes a shudder run through my bones"

Zyghila leaves a few coins on the counter and disappears, muttering something about adders and clerics.