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Posted by on 2000 Mar 11 |

An Answer to a Question

(Crossing, Zoluren: 336 Dolefaren 360)

To answer the War Mage Taerus’s questions about the panther that was following him…

As I and some others were speaking to Darkensi last night, a report came of some actions committed by Blasword that put him in a more or less bad light with the Predator. The panther at the time was present, but promptly left, to find Blasword.

The War Mage said that he ran into Blasword on his way to the village, or something along those lines… If he told Blasword of his intention to find Darkensi, then the panther that was following Blasword might well have decided to follow Taerus as well… or perhaps it and Taerus were simply going to the same place at the same time (ironically enough, I and the panther had done the same thing a few anlaen prior… both going to the same place, that is. I was unaware, however, and did not notice until it arrived shortly after me.)

[Ed. note: I believe this panther has been seen a good number of times and belongs to one of the Elpazi Mages.]