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Posted by on 1999 Dec 30 |

Clue to Entrance to Sorrow’s Keep, and Lissanda is Kidnapped

(Crossing, Zoluren: Akroeg 360)

Yesterday, after some brief episodes of a more or less personal nature, I was sitting in the tree in the birch copse writing letters to some people I wished to meet with. As I concluded my final letter and sent it off via the ways of magic, I found myself in the somewhat sudden company of Darsanya and her sister Lissanda.

Their reasons for the sudden appearance are as of yet unknown to me; I assume it is merely due to the fact that they enjoy that particular spot above all others. I know they had been awake for more than a few hours before that time, but their whereabouts been unknown until then. As it is, our solitude lasted only a few moments, when eventually other people started to arrive. Names elude me… I can think of some, but then I will certainly leave out others. Others I fear I will misspell. As it is, one arrived (who’s name eludes me more than others) who seemed to have done some research on behalf of Lissanda and Darsanya. Although his findings were all accurate from what I gather from my own past and present researches, they did not help us.

From that point on, we spent a few anlaen sitting around and thinking of our present problem: A way into Sorrow’s Keep. After much discussion, we deduced that we would need to find records of the Keep’s construction in order to find a way in. We knew to find records we would need to find a place that predated the construction of Sorrow’s Keep. We considered many places, but eventually decided on Theren’s Keep. After obtaining a Moon Gate by courtesy of Lady Lilea in Theren, I led the rather large group into Theren and Theren Keep.

We spent another anlas or two searching the Keep. I must apologize for my quick pace to Darsanya, who complained of being dizzy. As scape goats, I’d like to use the people in my group who kept telling me to go places. Now then, as I was saying… leading the group, I took us up to the third floor, where some of the group and others who had joined us in Theren split off and went down to the Breech Tunnels (some because they feared to go into the Baron’s Study.). After a search of the Baron’s study provided no clues, Darsanya suggested we go through each room slowly, an endeavor I had tried and failed earlier. Nonetheless, going through each room slowly, I took us to the rotting balcony, which rises up on the east side of the Baron’s Hall. It was there that we (Or rather I, since I was the first to point at it and jump up and down gleefully shouting "There it is!") found the mysterious clue we had been looking for. A rotting threadbare tapestry, sagging against the wall, straining the grommets which held it in place. Caked grime and heavily frayed edges gave testament to years of utter neglect. Through the flaking crust, we could make out the silhouette of an imposing fortress set atop a craggy hill. Even in its state of disrepair, the skillful depiction of the bastion appeared to loom ominously over the jagged hillside. The tattered lower border was embroidered in finely woven decorative script. Embroidered into the tapestry were these words:

"No way out, one way in. In total darkness, the Key to light lies within. For He who destroys those who create, will find there is still one who controlled their fate. The answer is given when the Builder is found. The seed of hope lies beneath the ground. The path to freedom is brief at best. To be caught unawares means a final rest."

After finding this clue, we returned to Crossings via a Moon Gate by courtesy of Yenvious. We sat and pondered the answer to the riddle for some time, when suddenly things took a turn for the worse. The Arcane Lord Sadiaer had awakened and announced that he was seeking Lissanda. I cannot go into details in this area, I am afraid. There are facts and there are lies surrounding these events that if I reveal will certainly put Lissanda and others in greater peril.

Suffice it to say that Sadiaer did capture Lissanda, and now has her imprisoned in Sorrow’s Keep with Prayk. It should be noted that he has killed her twice already, and I’m not sure on her present health.

Darsanya has gone away on personal business, and has urged us to work at solving the Riddle. At this point, we actually have solved most of it. What we are looking for now is the Builder, or rather, his grave. My time grows short at this point, and so I must take my leave. I urge all to search for the Builder or his grave, or his next of kin, for with him lies our way to defeating Sorrow.