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Posted by on 2000 Mar 19 |

Council Meets

(Crossing, Zoluren: 367 Dolefaren 360)

Early this afternoon I noticed with some surprise that Taramaine and Stavro had awakened in the lands. As I, as well as many others, sought them out, many other persons of note awakened as well. I ended up in the Moon Mage Council Chambers in the company of Raynedust and Crystique, to find no Council Members or Y’Shai. Over a period of about ten roisaen, Erzebet, Thorrick, Jonela, and Annisean had all awakened as well, but their locations were as yet unclear. In the meanwhile, Damart, Lovelorn, Camielia, and perhaps some others whose names elude me (I’m amazed I can remember this many as it is), all arrived and we spent some moments speaking about the location of the mysterious altar which Andraethu has referred to on occasion.

Our conversation was interrupted by the sudden arrival of a Y’Shai herald, which announced the approach of Taramaine. Amidst much russling of cloth as we bowed in respect, the Grandmaster entered the chamber, staff in hand. Rapping his staff a few times, he motioned for Stavro to announce the approach of the other council members, who soon entered. Taramaine took a seat, and the meeting began.

For the most part, the meeting was officially an announcement of Erzebet Crowther’s planned retirement from the council, and her daughter Annisean replacing her. A coronation is being planned, and until this ceremony takes place, Erzebet will retain her seat.

At around this time, Guild members began speaking and questioning Taramaine about such things ranging from Lasarhhtha to the Prophecy. Insinuations were cast, and responded with… what I hesitate to call threats, but rather statements of fact… that the Guild members causing Taramaine and the Council Members distress (or rather, annoyance) could easily be stripped of their magic and thrown out of the guild.

Needless to say, the conversation continued to degenerate, and nothing trully tangible resulted from the rest of the meeting. As Taramaine and the others departed, Jonela stayed behind to speak with us further. She was by far more approachable and ready to speak with us than the others (being a tad younger, as it were). She spoke for a while about the Prophecy and Lasarhhtha a little. Of note, she did admit that the Moon Mage Guild, *like all guilds*, has secrets… and such secrets could not be revealed, because… well, because they are secrets.

Regarding the Prophecy, she said that the Council had three suspects, two of which were fairly certain to be Deceivers, and the third was doubtful. At around this point, she was called away.

As far as things go, this meeting was not a good one. Few things were accomplished, and the only trully solid information that we have here is that we can expect a nice coronation ceremony soon.