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Posted by on 2000 Mar 11 |

Encounter at Promado Village

(Crossing, Zoluren: 334 Dolefaren 360)

The middle-aged S’kra Mur enters quietly, noticably spooked by a close encounter of some type.

"’lo again, Baresh," he says with a slow nod.

"As always, get me drunk, quickly."

With a nod, Baresh places seven shots of firewater on the bartop, and Taerus flips him a few coins for the drinks.

"Feels good t’stretch my legs again without having to worry about tha’ friggin’ Tax ‘Tog chasing after me. But tha’s not why I’m ‘ere, so I’ll get down t’business."

With a few quick movements and the loud *CLANG* of the first shotglass hitting the bar again, a shot of firewater disappears.

"The reason I’m here, Baresh, is to make a request plus a statement. The other night I was summoned, by the Predator, into the depths of Sorrow’s Reach. Upon arrival, Blasword escorted me in to the Seedling site, where Ryeka and Daemog sat. After a few moments, something burst into my mind, telling me that I walked with a dead one, meaning Blasword."

After a bit of a shudder, he downs the second shot, apparently feeling a bit refreshed by it.

"So, not being one to doubt a voice that can bust into my mind, I decided to ask Daemog to take me the rest of the way, which he did. Now, what really puzzled me was this: During the entire journey I had made, from the Crossing Mages Tower to the Church itself, a mysterious Black Panther had tailed me the entire way. Though I tried several times, I couldn’ discern it’s Master’s identity. Now I know what you’re thinking, Spirit Cloak, right? Nope.. I couldn’ even discern enough from this beast to gain a headache from! No headache, no identity.. nothing. The Panther revealed nothing of itself, never speaking or acting up. It did, however, subsequently leave me within th’ Church of Hodierna I was within. IF y’could.. find out if any of your regular Mage customers own a Black Panther so I can be a bit more at ease?"

After a flurry of movements, the last five shots of firewater all vanish, and Taerus flashes a smug grin, one that he’s almost infamous for. With that, he steps out, humming drunkly to himself.