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Posted by on 2000 Feb 18 |

Envoy of Government in Surprise Appearance at Crossing Defense Council Meeting

Crossing, Zoluren: 247 Moliko 360 As the people gathered for the War Council in the Amphitheatre last night, a surprise visitor attended. She was an envoy from the government. Lord Sirolarn had sent her.

Sylvanreah stepped up in front of the crowd. The light glinted from her helm and her eyes shone brightly as she cast her gaze about the room. She spoke and her voice echoed about the amphitheatre.

Sylvanreah recited the message for us:

“Good people of Crossing! Citizens of Zoluren…I bring greetings from His Lordship, Sirolarn Tirof-Sorvendig. His Lordship wishes the people to know, that even in this time of personal sorrow and upheaval in the Principality…that he wishes to support your efforts!”

Sylvanreah raised her halberd high and continued her speech. Her words rang with determination,

“In this time of danger…it is vital–nay.._crucial_! that your strengths be joined and leaders be chosen among you! His Lord, Sirolarn is committed to raising an army of the people. His wish is that we form a strong force against the evils that Sorrow has brought to our cities. Word will come soon–on what exactly this support will mean to you. Until then…plan and plot and train well! The time is coming for war!”

Sylvanreah waved her halberd and let out a resounding war cry!!

“On a final and somewhat related note, his Lordship will be sending investigators into the city. They will be setting up tents in the town square and taking notes from any citizens who may have information leading to the whereabouts of The Royal Heir, Vorclaf Lasa’Sorvendig. That is all. Thank You.”

Sylvanreah made a grand, sweeping gesture with her ceremonial halberd and added, “We are uncertain when the investigators will be coming. I would advise … to keep an eye out for the tents in the green”