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Posted by on 2000 Feb 9 |

Further Clarification on the Council

(Crossing, Zoluren: 213 Arhat 360)

Hello again everyone,

The council is forming up rather nicely, and in a few days it should be complete. I want to first thank everyone for all their support, and for the many replies people sent in about the positions.

Let me talk for a bit more on how the council is being formed, and how it will function.

I have spoken with members of many of the guilds, and drawn a consensus from them about some individuals who applied, and others who they felt would be good candidates. Once I gathered all this information, I spoke with other people who have been involved with this situation, for their opinions. After all this was accomplished, I then sought out or notified the individuals who were the best candidates.

Second matter. NO, I will not be a leader of this council. Everyone who sits on the council will be equal. Whatever direction the council chooses to take will be that if their own and your own(provided you get involved with your representative) choice. I am merely trying to give this organizational effort a jump start… so to speak. So in other words, anything is possible. It will be the will of the people, that decides what action we shall follow.

The third matter pertains to the duty of the council members. The council members will set up networks of communication with their guild members, as well as the other council members (Through mailing lists and meetings most likely). You will be able to voice your ideas and concerns to them, and they will bring it up in the council in the audience of the representatives from all the other guilds.

In addition, any plans the council comes up with will be known to each guild through the communication the representative sets up. They will be able to involve people within their guild in more intracite plans.

Lastly, I can assure you that the council will do its absolute best to work with all already existing groups in Elanthia. This is about uniting and involving everyone, please do not think that toes will be stepped on.

I am almost certain a vast majority of you will be satisfied with those who will represent your guild. Two guilds have already had their candidates notified, and I am just awaiting their responses. I will release their names here.

Moon Mage Guild – Lanthander & Camielia Thief Guild – Soim & Sneak
Thank you all for your time, and hope to see you at the meeting!


PS: If anyone else has any comments or concerns, please contact me so we can discuss them.