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Posted by on 2000 Feb 6 |

Gather Forth To Vanquish This Threat.

(Crossing, Zoluren: 200 Arhat 360)

An ancient mage of great power has recently been in communication with our people. He seems willing to lend his aid in our battle with Lord Sorrow, but he stresses that he will only do so once proper organization has been assembled. He appears to be a firm believer in the importance of uniting our warriors in an organized effort… as do myself and many others… Therefor.

The time for monumental gathering of our people will commence on Saturday, February 12th at 10:00 EST in Crossing town Amphitheatre. This meeting will serve to cover the following goals in preperation for a large scale assault on Sorrow’s Keep.

~1~ The establishment of a council of 20. This council will consist of 3 seats from the Paladin Guild, 3 seats from the Warrior Mage guild, 2 seats from the Empath Guild, 2 seats from the Cleric Guild, 2 seats from the Moon Mage guild, 2 seats from the Ranger guild, 2 seats from the Barbarian guild, 1 seat from the Bard guild, 1 seat from the Thief guild, and lastly 2 seats to be left occupied by persons of the 18’s choosing.

~2~ Each member of the council will then disperse information to members of his/her respective guild which will include means to contact them in cases of emergency, questions, or meetings.

~3~ We will assign positions among the council that will entail their duty in our plans for a large scale assault. These positions will be primarily:

(A) Three Captains to lead three seperate forces in battle. Co-Captains will also be chosen to lead in case of a Captain’s absence.

(B) The Four Councils from the Empath and Cleric Guilds will be responsible for the highly important task of establishing healing and rejuvination locations, as well as amassing their fellow brothers and sisters in the task.

(C) Two seperate strike groups will be formed… specialized in the skills necessary to take down Sorrow’s Lackeys. These groups will serve a crucial role, for Sorrow’s men have proved to be substantial killers of our warriors.

(D) The Council from the Moon Mage guild will organize a network of Moon Gates to aid in the attack and reclaimation of dead.

(E) The Council will organize with any leaders of Defensive groups to ensure the safety of our cities during this attack.

~4~ The Council will then adjourn and hold future meetings… dispersing any information and plans among their network of communication with fellow guild members.

~GOAL~ To lay the foundation for a massive assault upon Lord Sorrow in an effort to diminish his armies, and contain his threat upon our lands.

I urge everyone to attend this meeting. We will be planning to meet with siege, and explosive specialists to aid us with catapults and other means to successfully breach the Keep. Any and all options will be explored to aid us in this monumental strike.

Based on prior experience in battle, and involvement in our current situation, members of the Council will most likely be decided upon before the meeting. Though I do have my quams with this method, it is the most efficient. Therefor I urge anyone interested in filling these positions to send a scroll to me addressed to or AIM a magic message to DRGarfaldo. (Daython, Tigerfang, Salamae, Sadar, Galain, Kalira, Sholana, Sharyn, Ogredd… please contact me) In addition I will be speaking with people for these positions in person.

If you’re ready and willing to take part in this massive offensive strike against Sorrow join us in this meeting. Only together will we succeed in driving this evil to the void!