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Posted by on 2000 Jan 21 |

I tried to warn him…

Ughtensgard, Zoluren: 136 Shorka 360 Baresh polishes a shot glass from behind the bar. He turns around to hear footsteps entering the bar, but sees no one. He goes back to polishing the glass when he looks over at the nearest barstool, seeing an immense gor’tog sitting apon it looking sleepily at him.

Baresh says, “Ah, you have one of those invisibility cloaks eh Sureshooter? you startled me for a moment”

The gor’tog nods sleepily before ordering a small keg of taffelberry juice which he greedily hides inside his backpack.

The gor’tog says, “i’ll have a mug of juice too”

Baresh pours a tall glass of taffelberry juice and slides it down the bar at Sureshooter.

The gor’tog sips at his juice before starting to tell Baresh about the night of the Masquerade Ball.

“There I was Baresh, waiting by the locked DiSilveron gate for it to open. Shortly later it does, and who of all people show up? Ralel the dark elf, you know, the one that besieged crossing with his lil renegade elf army”

Baresh nods knowingly.

Sureshooter continues by saying, “It was at that time I knew something was up, so I turned my invisibility cloak inside out, rendering myself unseeable. then i stalked him, he wandered around the gardens and along the outsides of the manner as if casing the place, Anyhow after following him for a while, i saw him pass off some sort of package, possibly a poisoned drink, he had it in his hand before, and it wasnt there afterwards, here’s what I saw exactly…

You notice Ralel speaking to a dark-cloaked man. Ralel slips him something before the man disappears into the bushes.

Sureshooter continues, “Then I kept following him, he went invisible and snuck out the gate, unaware I could still follow him. heheh, then he totally vanished. I shoulda blew him away”

Baresh nods quietly as he listens to the story unfold.

Sureshooter says, “Anyhow I walked around unseen for a half hour looking for a palace guard or someone. no one seemed to have the sense to help me warn the prince, i was right to be running around looking to warn him, there was an assassin. I was explaining the situation to one of my friends when a dart lodged in the back of my neck and poisoned me!” The gor’tog pauses to sip from his taffelberry juice.

“I was invisible while I was explaining, mind you, I died shortly after, got a quick ressurection though Baresh. Then I went back and kept a lower profile, trying to get important people’s attention. Finally a bit later, the prince and his son showed up, I decloaked and knelt before him before warning him. He didnt heed my warning at all, he said “The guards will take care of it.” If the assassin could kill me while I was invisible and he remained unseeable it struck me that it seemed impossible for a guard to stop such an assassin.”

Sureshooter pauses his story, slides his empty mug at baresh before saying, “More.”

Baresh, eager to hear the rest of the story quickly refills the mug and passes it back to Sureshooter.

“Thank you” says Sureshooter, before taking a large gulp of the delicious juice and continuing.

“Anyhow the prince left with his son after that, and that was the last I saw of him, he should have paid more heed to my warning. poor prince was assassinated and he walked shortly later.”

Sureshooter frets for a moment, Baresh notices his fist is closed around the bar, sending a small spiderweb of stress fractures through it. Baresh swats Sureshooter’s hand away from the bar with a mug. “Oww!, sorry Baresh, lost my train of thought for a moment.”

Sureshooter pulls out a large handful of platinum coins and places them atop the slightly cracked bar.

Baresh scoops up the coins and before he can pocket them, he realizes Sureshooter has vanished, and listens to the telltale footsteps that seem to be going in the direction of the door.

Baresh calls out, “Thanks for the tip” before chuckling quietly to himself as he counts out the fourteen platinum coins and pockets them.

Baresh ponders to himself, ‘Now he likes juice.’

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