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Posted by on 2000 Jan 26 |

Lindryl’s Reappearance

Crossing, Zoluren: 155 Shorka 360 Andu sann Baresh. I’ve a bit of news on the reappearance of Mayoress Lindryl after her disappearance from the Services at the Ampitheater. I was one of those who went runnin’ off blind to try and get a line on what happened to her, and I figured I’d stop by the obelisk where the service was held for the Prince.

Now, as soon as I entered the cemetary I could tell something was amiss. There were strong winds gusting throughout the area, and as soon as I entered the site of the obelisk, there was a seriously stunned Mayoress Lindryl lyin’ at it’s base.

Now I didn’t see her appear, she was already there when I arrived, but along with the fierce winds, I also saw this….

A flicker of dark energy runs up the obelisk and dissipates into the night.

Well, being concerned for her safety, I dragged her away from the spot, as I did, I noticed the winds dyin’ down. I dragged her to the Lich Gate, and guarded her, but she remained stunned for quite a while. When she did come to however, others had arrived, and whisked her off to safety afore I could ask her anythin’ about what had befallen her. So, those answers I leave to one with whom she spoke.