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Posted by on 1999 Dec 20 |

Meteors for Marstan, Vaxin, and Ilyeana

(Crossing, Zoluren: 6 Akroeg 360)

I do not know when it started, but it started for me with a chill to my soul as something real unnatural lay upon me.

The frigid nighttime air shifted subtly, becoming more ominous with each passing second. A loud **CRACK** boomed from the direction of Sorrow’s Reach. All was silent for a long moment. Just as I believed the strangeness has passed, a menacing force insinuated itself inside my body, probing. My soul roiled in disgust as the force slowly withdrew, taking a minute portion of my very essence as a trophy.

And from there, it only got worse.

Many were the deaths as Zoluren forces tried in vain to get past Sorrow’s defenders and help Marstan. Moon Mages reported they were able to locate Marstan laying on the ground in Sorrow’s Keep. Sidhlot, Sorrow, and Sadiaer all stood there, while Ilyeana was seen kneeling.

From time to time Sorrow or Sadiaer were heard from over gwethdesuans. More deaths followed as people became more and more concerned. Sadiaer postured in his thoughts. Many of our own people threatened Sadiaer and Sorrow should harm come to Marstan. Sadiaer laughed. Laughed.

Vaxin died. Over and over again until we saw a bright new light in the sky and knew that he had gone down the Starry Path to the Void.

People pleaded, some tried bargaining, for Marstan and Ilyeana’s lives. But to no avail. It grew quiet from the Reach. All attempts were foiled to gain entry to the isolated headquarters, and at dear costs.

And then Ilyeana was killed.

It seemed things move quickly — and yet in slow motion next. I held my breath, not knowing what Marstan could possibly be going through, or facing up there. No one knew what he was going to do.

But soon Sadiaer was projecting his thoughts again, declaring a victory, and demeaning Marstan. The necromancer’s life was forfeit.

Marstan was killed next, and within moments joined Vaxin and Ilyeana on the Starry Road.

Enraged, people attempted to overcome the forces guarding Sorrow’s territory, but they met Elpazi, S’lai, fire rain, chain lightning, and death.

Efforts continued for hours as the corpses piled up. There were bards on the front lines singing for the troops, there were bards on the back lines, playing to ease the work of empaths and clerics, and bards in the cleric guild to help ease all the work that was gated in.

But they were all gone.

I do not know the ramifications of Marstan’s death, nor what must have transpired between he and Ilyeana in that dreadful place. Those who were there would have a tainted view of it, I think.

I would like to think that a nobler dignity and love allowed them to take the final Starry Path rather than give in to despots and dread.

Garfaldo has organized this night (Monday, Dec 20) at 8 in the evening (Eastern time) for a service to be held to honor these three who died for their beliefs, and would not serve the Dark. It will be in the Cemetary outside the Crossing.

What will face us now? There are surely dark days ahead of us.