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Posted by on 2000 Mar 6 |

Moon Mages gather your minds…

(Crossing, Zoluren: 317 Skullcleaver 360)

A hint of bells tinkling fills the small tavern. As people look about with confusion on their faces, Baresh just smiles and says, "Welcome Crystique. Tis nice to see you again." A small impish giggle comes from the shadows and in an instant, Crystique appears.

"Baresh I have some very important news to tell you. It’s about recent happenings with the comet Zelkaes, and the mirror wraith prophecy." The Elf takes a small breath and begins to tell her tale…

"I spoke last eve with Andraethu, whom you might remember steals the souls of children with his trapezoid. Well, he used to, until he broke it trying to fit it into some statue. But, I get ahead of myself." Crystique sits down at the bar and stretches.

"I won’t tell you all of our conversation, only because it is so incredibly long and I’m rather tired. But, I will tell you that Andraethu said HE was one of the deceivers and was very willing to discuss that, though he wouldn’t go into depth about it.

"You might also want to note that three Y’Shai warriors were seen, trying to locate Andraethu. They were Stavro, Kreich, and Erdanos.

"Anyway, so Andraethu is back and he knows a lot about the comet, and the stars falling from it(he wouldn’t say exactly what though, but you might want to check out the Mirror Wraith Prophecy).

"Even with his trapezoid broken, Andraethu has another little trinket, a semisphere. He wouldn’t say what its power is though, but he did show it to me and it’s a rather interesting little object." Crystique rubs her eyes, yawning slightly. "Please forgive me, I have not slept much lately…" Baresh smiles and nods, prodding the girl to continue.

"Well, myself and some other Moon Mages have decided that since this is such a big thing, and also because many newer mages are completely clueless about the history of what’s happening, we’ve already had one meeting, keep your eyes open for more."

Crystique slowly stands and yawns once more, then fades into the shadows. The only sound to be heard is the faint tinkling of tiny bells, echoing softly in the night.