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Posted by on 2000 Feb 12 |

Of Gods and of Guardians

(Crossing, Zoluren: 221 Arhat 360)

Ya askin’ fer a tale are ya? Well if that be t’case, then I got one for ya. Listen up.

Walkin’ by the Cleric guild afta tracin’ a few wards for some deadas afta t’assult Sorrow’s forces made on t’Crossin’, I noticed somet’in odd… a man named Ghregor stadin’ next ta t’doors of t’place. Now… wouldnae be so odd normally, I mean, t’Cleric guild is jus’ as good a place as any t’ang out at afta fightin’ off da uglies, but Ghregor’s case was a bit different. Ya see, Ghregor had made appearances b’fore dis, showin’ up at t’Paladin guild ta say hello, but until t’is point, he had been in d’incorporeal state of a ghostly apparition. Needless t’say, seein’ him on two feet was quite… shockin’.

I returned t’tha guild, but Ghregor had left. I rushed quickly to the Paladin guildhall, but he wasnae there either. I set out searchin’ ta find’im then, walkin’ around t’Crossin’ afta notifyin’ Aknosc, a Paladin who befriended me earlier, about t’situation. He went to t’Paladin guild an’ waited. Sure ’nuff… afta a short wait, Ghregor showed up at t’Paladin guild, Aknosc notified me, an’ I got my arse over there as soon as I could manage.

A bit’a history on Ghregor, he was a Paladin before guilds were established, livin’ by our code wit’out a leada watchin’ him and guidin’ him. He was a Captain, leadin’ a group’a defendas agains’ an invadin’ foe when he died. His previous appearances were pleas for ‘elp mainly, he tol’ all who would listen about his situation an’ asked for assistance in locatin’ a certain Keralin, who coul’ possibly give ‘im a form which could walk th’ Realms as any other. Apparently, Keralin was foun’, which explains his presence in t’land an’ ‘is new body.

Well, Ghregor talked a bit that night, but was tired from his ordeal apparently. Several were in t’room ta talk wit’ im, an’ I gave ‘im my boots ta help ‘im in ‘is new form, an’ many pledged their swords ta ‘im, but Salamae’s was t’one ‘ee took. Afta conversin’ wit’ Aknosc, Nhagrak, Storym, Salamae, an’ m’self, he drifted off ta sleep in t’corner. Wit’ Aknosc an’ myself standin’ guard, all left for a while.

Later on, howeva, I had t’most amazin’ experience ‘a m’life. Aknosc an’ I were watchin’ Ghregor’s slumber, set to stand guard agains’ any attempts on t’honorable man’s life, an’ all’a t’night suddenly brightened, as if a star had taken on new life. Aknosc an’ I both wondered ’bout this, but not fer long. Everyt’ing got quiet, there was a sense’a waitin’ in t’air, and all of t’sudden, a Lion’s roar echoed through t’hall! I braced m’self, Aknosc seemed t’do t’same, and all’a t’sudden, a Golden Lion appeared before Darius.

We fell to our knees. Darius bowed to t’Lion, which proceeded ta pick Ghregor up like a cub, an’dissapeared wit’ im. The star in the sky gave a twinkle as if it were alive.

Chadatru had come before us.

Darius den looked at us, telling us to mark the day well, as the Lion will rarely allow even a glimpse’a ‘imself. Then, wishin’ us luck, Darius went back ta ‘is papers, an’ we were left ta ponder t’incident.

Felsen grins broadly, "Is’ a true story, I swear!"

-Felsen LealCorazon -Paladin of the 10th circle