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Posted by on 2000 Mar 6 |

Once in a Lifetime Opportunities

(Crossing, Zoluren: Dolefaren 360)

A young dwarf, clean shaved and sporting an elegantly trimmed mustache enters the bar, looks around and finally settle for an out of the way table, in a drafty corner just by the back window. He raises his gaze until his eyes meet Baresh’s and clearly mouths ‘Elothean Elixir’ while drawing in the air a long flute kind glass…

Baresh, serves the young dwarf his drink, and as the only other clients, A Warrior Mage and a Moon Mage that has been comparing the burns of a Fire Lance with that of a concentrated Moon bean, start to leave, he takes a chair by the dwarf’s table and takes a sip of his ale. The dwarf is dressed in Gold Robes, a black cloak, a Skull Cap, gloves, suede boots and from his belt a sheath, a long pouch from where some bolts protrude and a gold embroidered sack from which a strong medicinal smell rises. Yep, Baresh can mark like the best… this is poor man.

Clearing his throat, to get the dwarf’s attention, he tells him: "That would be 2 silvers"

Without looking up he get gets the two silvers from a pocketed black cloak and put them by Baresh. "Do you like to travel Baresh?" While saying this the dwarf get a clear crystal shard from his pocketed cloak and puts it by the 2 silver coins. "This Shard here represents a once in a lifetime opportunity!"

"Well, I like to do some traveling, maybe to the Islands, Ratha, Aesry, but, With this place to run, and the long or dangerous boat rides, I have not been able to visit the Islands yet"

"I got your ticket then… that shard in there can take you almost everywhere, you just rub it, until it get to the color of the place you want it to take you, and then focus in the shard… ‘PUF!’ you are there."

The dwarf gets another clear crystal shard from his black cloak and rubs it varius times, until it get violet. "See this Baresh, If I focus in it now, I will be in Aesry, that most beautiful Island".

Unable to hide his interest, Baresh asks "Excuse me, I know you’ve been here before …"

"Otsenre Naboria, that is the name, and I will offer that shard, not for 2 platinum, not 2 gold, not 2 bronze… but for the incredible prize of just two silvers!" Otsenre smiles showing his terrible teeth, which the sparkle of his eyes somehow make kind of fascinating.

"And I just have to focus, rub and focus?"

"Exactly" Otsenre cuts Baresh to say "You rub, get the color and focus, ‘PUF!’ you are there." Otsenre leans towards Baresh as if to take the Shard again, then at the last moment retrieves his hand. "I knew you would accept!"

Baresh, gets a hold of his trader sences and says "Well yes, but 2 silvers, and how can I know you are not…" Baresh’s jaws drop as he finds himself looking at a fine translucent violet mist instead of Otsenre Naboria. As he grabs to table to make sure he is still awake, his hand brushes the shard, and the clear crystal shard is the only thing still in the table… no coins…