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Posted by on 2000 Mar 20 |

Our Council Meeting

(Crossing, Zoluren: 367 Nissa 360)

Having recently returned from Aesry, and hearing all sorts of rumors regarding recent events involving my beloved guild, I harried to the gallery in the observatory. I decided to peruse the paintings and portraits there once again, in the hopes of discerning some small clue to what has been happening during my absence.

As I strolled along the gallery I happened upon a small meeting of sorts, with some of my guild brethren. There was some discussion of Andreathu, his semisphere, and the location of this tomb he speaks of, so I tarried a bit to hear their thoughts.

Much to my amazement, a Y’shai Herald appeared, announcing our Council leader, Taramaine. In short order, Lady Erzebet, Council Member Jonela, Thorrick, Annisean, and Stavro also arrived. Taramaine gave the floor to Lady Erzebet who proceeded to announce her plan to step down from our council, her daughter Annisean to take her place. Heh. No surprise there, since when has there never been a Crowther on our council, eh?

After the announcements and appropriate kowtowing took place, I and a few others present saw the chance to seek some answers from our Council. Me, being the forthright individual I am, first questioned why we, members of the guild, had absolutely no say in any matter regarding our Council, and further expressed that it would seem to me that our opinions on matters should at the very least, be of interest to them.

I don’t agree that nothing came of this meeting, or that it went badly. Despite some flack from those that felt I wasn’t showing the proper respect for authority, Taramaine saw fit to respond to the majority of my queries. Some of my brethren seek information by bowing to their authority, kowtowing to them despite their secrecy… whereas, I am a bit more erm… direct. I don’t for one minute wish to become so complacent as to blindly accept authority. Lady Erzebet, at least, understood this, yet cautioned that in our haste to be considered wise, young ones of our guild lack another important virtue, that of patience. With that, I withdrew from that line of questioning, although NOT because of Taramaine’s threats of stripping those of us not happy of our guild status. I daresay my father would have much to say about that, however, so I’ve naught to fear. Besides, to reward loyal members of the guild who dare to question their authority or motives with banishment, is certainly no way to keep us loyal, in my humble opinion. And in light of the Mirror Wraith Prophecy, we’d do well to remain alert to possible deceptions, and it would seem to me that those in authority would have an easier time of it, and therefore should not be above suspicion. Yes, yes, I ramble… please forgive me.

When I queried Taramaine about the semisphere’s purpose, he stated that it required further study by the Council, and that if it was found (we all know Andreathu possesses it at the moment)it was to be turned over to the Council immediately. Now, if you believe they know not of its purpose, fine. But be aware that there are those that feel they do indeed know of its purpose, which is why they seek it. It is of utmost importance that we all tred carefully in these matters, and follow your conscious, unless your ‘gut instincts’ tell you otherwise. At least one rumor has been dispelled by the meeting… Council assured us that Sorrow was not considered a Deceiver.

Jonela saw fit to stay a bit after the others departed. I found her very refreshing in her openess as compared to the normal behavior of most of our elusive, cloaked in secrecy, council members. She indicated that the Council had been studying the Mirror Wraith Prophecy since the beginning, that it was vague at best, yet it was believed that some of the events portrayed in the prophecy had already began unfolding. She further indicated that in her opinion, three were suspected of being Deceivers, two of whom’s name appear on the obelisk, and one that does not. I found that an interesting tidbit.

Another oddity in my mind, is that every time our Council members are queried about The Mistress of Ruby and Onyx being Tezeriah herself, they avoid the question and take their quick departure. For those not aware, the Mirror Wraith during its original appearance so many moons ago, stated that it was sent by the Mistress of Ruby and Onyx. Many of us are of the mind that might be Tezeriah, some think it might be Alicia Crowther, and other theories ofcourse abound.

Trouble is afoot… let us all pray we find the answers before it is too late. Let us all unite, for despite our obvious differences of opinion and level of respect for Council members, divided we will fall. Knowledge is power, let us be sure the power does not fall into the wrong hands.