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Posted by on 2000 Feb 10 |

Pale Beings in the Shadows?

(Aesry Surlaenis’a, Qi’Reshalia: 217 Arhat 360)

G’day Baresh..I’ve got a question for you..I’m sure one of your patrons might have mentioned these pale beings in the shadows? Nae, not the ehm, thiefly types..these have not a name and I was only able to see twas a pale being which darted from the shadows briefly only to dart back in! Frightened me rather so seeing I was alone.

::shudders a brief moment before continuing::

If anyone has any idea as to what these may be, or has seen them, please tell me and ease m’unsettled heart..I’ve been a good empath and I don’t understand why I’m being watched. I could understand to see it once..but twice in one day is too much for this wee lass.

::pulls the hood of her cloak over her face to hide her identity as she stands up to leave then turns to Baresh once again and says..::

Do let me know should you come across any news, aye Baresh?

::With a frightened smile she darts out the door into the crowded streets, the door closing behind her::