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Posted by on 2000 Jan 16 |

Seeking someone

(Crossing, Zoluren: Lirisa 360)

A tall, dark elf walks into the bar and settles himself on a stool near Baresh. Baresh smiles at the elf and asks, "The usual?".

The elf looks smiles back at Baresh, "Everything here tastes the same, I’ll just take your cheapest drink, call it whatever you like."

Baresh scowls at the elf, "You’re no fun anymore Garret."

Garret grins at Baresh, "I never said I was fun." He slides a couple of coins over to Baresh, who hands him a drink.

Garret takes a sip and grows serious, "Baresh, I’m looking for someone…" he abruptly states, "I was taking a look around the manor after the ball was over and I stumbled across a grave." Garret sighs, "An eyewitness saw Arclihg arrive, and shortly thereafter depart, however they never came back. I tried to find them however, I was unable to sense their presence."

Garret takes another sip of his drink and frowns, he continues, "If you see Arclihg, or knows what happened to them, if you could tell me or point them in my direction, it would be much appreciated, I feared that someone would run off with their things and am holding them for the person."

Garret finishes off his drink and stands. Garret smiles at Baresh, "Thanks yet again Baresh, what was that drink?"

Baresh grins at Garret, "Vykathi Ale, I’m not sure, it could have been any of my drinks." Garret shakes his head and walks out of the door.