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Posted by on 2000 Feb 18 |

Sorrow Takes Revenge

(Crossing, Zoluren: 248 Moliko 360)

Janyl sits at the bar, slender fingers working their way through golden locks. The weight of the world obviously sits upon this young cleric’s mind as she orders a flagon of Vykathi Ale. With a tremulous sigh, she lifts her gaze, fixing it upon a distant point.

"Sura took his revenge against Prayk a few days ago. It seems the Magus had returned to the Crossing area – he had taken his wife Darsanya and left for a time, knowing Sura was going to come after him eventually for his betrayal. We heard Prayk’s voice on the farthinkers, warning us of Elpalzi on the North Trade Road. Just as a few of us were welcoming him back, he was struck dead.

When I enquired as to the whereabouts of the Magus, I was greeted by the voice of Shartug telling me that Prayk was being attended to. I pleaded to be allowed to tend to his soul, to be allowed to aid my friend but my pleading fell upon deaf ears."

Janyl gazes down to her flagon of ale, crystal green eyes distant as her voice chokes. "Shortly after that, Sura was heard on the farthinkers. He was taunting us with Prayk’s death and then.. Prayk was struck down again and again – each death more horrible and heartwrenching than the last. Sura had empaths piecing his body back together and Elpalzi clerics bringing life back to his body – only to rip him apart in another manner."

Here, she pauses to take a healty drink of her ale before continuing. "Sura was obviously taking great pleasure in my anguish, as well as the horror expressed by others. He told us that Prayk was merely paying his debt to Sura. Finally, the deaths stopped and Sura said Prayk had paid his debt in full. But at what cost?"

Janyl closes her eyes, exhaling a soft regretful sigh, pushing the near empty flagon of ale away. "When I told the Magus I would not give up on him, he responded by asking why should he care? By telling me that Sura was right in what he did for Prayk had betrayed him. I can not believe that, not for a moment. Prayk had his soul turned inside out. Death and torture can do strange things to a man. Many fear he is lost to us… even his wife, Darsanya, can no longer sense him – somehow even his marriage bond to his wife was broken. I believe the Magus simply needs to be reminded of who and what he is."

Rising slowly from her stool, Janyl pushes some coins across the bar and turns away, leaving only these soft words trailing after her. "Sura has only strengthened the resolve of those who would stand against him and his tyrany. We will fight him even harder now…"