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Posted by on 2000 Mar 10 |

Strange Visions

(Crossing, Zoluren: 322 Dolefaren 360)

A black haired Elothean woman walks into the Tavern, obviously a bit uneasy with the large croed there. She goes up to the bar and buys a bit of brandy. She takes a raven feather out of an incense case she is wearing and stare at it a moment before putting it away. The women then takes a look at Baresh, smiles and hands him a scroll wth a lengthy message written on on it.

"I am in need of a bit of assasstance. Could you please see that this gets put in a prominant place?" she asks him.

Baresh skims the message, smiles, nods and then turns around to tack up the scroll. When he turns back he see that the Elothean has silently left. He turns around again to read the message more fully.

Greetings to all!

Several days ago the good Paragon Lef visited a defense and tactics meeting being held by the members of the Crossing’s War Council. While she was there she shared with those present a few of the visions that she has been having. Since that time I and several others have been attempting to interpret those visions but unfortunetly we are having a bit of a hard time doing it. Therefore, we are requesting the aid of any scholars or holy men and women out there who may be more adept at such interpretaions. Here are the visions as they were recounted to us, along with what little information we have gleaned from thus far.

1. A raven feather lies in a pool of blood surrounded by a ring of fire.

~ For those who do not know, raven feathers are the mark of the assassins who have been plauguing the Crossing and targeting the Council members. The blood we take to symbolize violence of course, but we are finding the fire puzzling. We are trying to determine the nature of it, whether it be elemental or holy in nature, and if the fact that is surronds the the feather is significant.

2. A raven feather is being stabbed into a beating heart.

~ We’ve pretty much been taking that one at face value.

3. The hand that reaches is the hand that breaks…the unbreakable is being broken.

~ This is probably the most obscure of the visions, since it give us very little imagery to go on. Some suggested that it may signify an empath healing one who is unhealable or the fate of one who attempt to read the book in Stone clan, or even the unlitmate fate of the Zaulfung stones.

Those are the visions as they have been recounted to us. I hope reading them and our thoeries help get the mental juices flowing. Anyone who wishes to discuss the matter is welcome to come and talk to me at anytime.

May the gods go with you

Priestess Starsha Chracco

Follower of Glythtide, Elothean Without Footsteps