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Posted by on 2000 Mar 17 |

Tactics Squad Heads a Successful Drill.

(Crossing, Zoluren: 357 Dolefaren 360)

Last night many of us from the tactics team and others interested gathered in Shard to run drills and test our skills against the Adan’f in Whistling Woods. Galain split our people into two groups led by Shiyana and Lef.

The two groups worked incredibly well in Adan’f, and after a good round of battle we rested near the safe area to discuss our ideas and comments. Our discussions was soon cut short by an ambush of five S’lai crossbowmen, who took out two of our people before being slain. Despite their surpries attack, our response was extremelly quick… all five of them were quickly disabled by Warrior Mages using the tingle spell in a matter of seconds, and then were vanquished by the other troops.

Seeking retribution for this attack, and looking to test our skills further, we decided to launch our own surprise attack in the Reach to show Sorrow we will not be toyed with.

We gathered into a large group led by Kortny, and pulled in additional aid when we reached the Crossing. Then we decided to have the majority of our

forces to stalk Lef in hiding, so that we could ambush Sorrow’s forces and fool them by our numbers.

Soon we came upon a small batallion of Elapalzi and S’lai. The quickly turned their attention to our seemingly small band… at that moment scores of our warriors sprung from hiding… raising their steel in a charge toward the enemy!

The Elpalzi and S’lai were totally taken by surprise, their defeat was swift and crushing… not one of our soldiers were lost. We went on from there to encounter more bands of Sorrow’s forces, dealing them the same painful defeat as the previous groups. At last, after feeling we had successfully shown Sorrow our grit by launching an enormously successful raid upon his military grounds… we packed up and headed back to the city with victory and a newfound hope raging in our blood… Our Goal Was Accomplished!

To those of you who joined us last night, Excellent work! We have learned much and performed outstanding in battle! We also showed Sorrow that we will not sit back sucking our thumbs by always playing the idle defensive…. if he sticks it to us.. we’re going to stick him back… HARD!

Hope to see all of you soon in more successfull ventures,


PS: JOIN to take part in further discussion and meetings of the tactics squad!