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Posted by on 2000 Feb 27 |

Tavern Troupe Hoo-Haw

(Crossing, Zoluren: Skullcleaver 360)

A stubby dwarf comes waltzing into the tavern, loudly singing in a foghorn-like voice. He waves at the Barkeep, then does a pelvic swinging dance move as if to accentuate his wave.

"Baresh, ye ol dog, how de heck are ye? Been a long time since I been down dis neck of de woods. I am feelin a mite happy today, me friend, cuz today I will gather with me friends, both old and new, and spin a few yarns, tell a few tales, talk a little shop, and sing a few songs. And, most importantly, guzzle til de cows come home!"

Baresh grins, but thinks to himself ‘so what else is new, you drunken sod’.

"Course, ye know that every Sunday night, round 10pm Eastern as to the old calender, I host a little get together fer me troupe, and anyone else who wants to party like a bard. Sometimes we even do the naked beer dance!"

Baresh grimaces; he remembers the horrifying sight of Bubbinster doing the naked beer dance.

"Well, I gotta hit the road, fer the Tavern Troupe get together starts soon, and, ye know ye and anyone else here is always welcome! See ya at the Half Pint Inn, in the Bard’s Corner in Crossing!"

Baresh waves, thankful that the ‘get together’ will not be held at his establishment…that naked beer dance is bad fer business…