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Posted by on 2000 Feb 14 |

Tavern Troupe performing at Trader’s Gala Event

(Crossing, Zoluren: 232 Arhat 360)

Jaggonrazor came through a narrow door. Observing the room, he casually removes his gloves and leather mask.

Jaggonrazor exclaims, "Hello Everyone!" Taking a seat at the bar, he puts his gloves and mask in his journey pack.

Jaggonrazor says, "Two ales please."

Baresh fills two mugs with a fine amber ale and places them on the bar in front of Jaggonrazor.

Jaggonrazor hands Baresh some coins and gets a mug of ale from the bar. He brings it to his mouth and guzzle the whole thing down.

Jaggonrazor sighs contentedly as he reaches for his second mug of ale.

Smiling at Baresh, he says, "I’ll go easy on this one, for I have rehearsal tonight."

Baresh asks, "Rehearsal?"

Jaggonrazor says, "Aye, The Day the Ferries Raced." Jaggonrazor looks at Baresh like he should know what he’s talking about.

Furrowing his brow and pushing out his bottom lip, Baresh shakes his head at Jaggonrazor.

Jaggonrazor asks, "The Tavern Troupe?"

Baresh, shaking his head, picks up the empty mug and begins to go about his work.

Jaggonrazor, grinning at Baresh, Exclaims, "Well you’re in luck my friend!"

Jaggonrazor says, "It just so happens that we have a show coming up." He takes a drink of his ale.

"We will be performing at the Trader’s Gala Event, Saturday, Febuary 19th beginning at 6:00 P.M. EST. by the old calendar."

Jaggonrazor takes a drink of his ale and pauses to gather his thoughts. "Our grand show features a musical play titled The Day the Ferries Raced."

Jaggonrazor continues, "We have a cast of 10 players, and a plethera of original songs and tales to be shared by my troupemates and I."

Jaggonrazor finishes of the rest of his ale, places the empty mug down on the bar, and slides it towards Baresh. "Well, my friend, off to rehearsal. "

Jaggonrazor says, "Hope to see you at the Trader’s Event," and he goes out through a narrow door.