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Posted by on 2000 Mar 2 |

The Clouds Gather

(The Provinces: 300 Skullcleaver 360)

A figure, shrouded in a stained black cloak, crawls into the room, reeking of fresh arrack. Clumsily it slips a note onto the bar, and crawls back out.

** **

Although these events occured in crossing, they concern the realms in their entirety. All day various figures from our old past have been Re-appearing.

Grell. Teziran. Andraethu. Erzebet. Taramaine. Taola. Thorrick.

Andraethu stayed to have a conversation over the gweths. His backround? The sister of Demosel, the Fate unweaver you could say. (while Demosel is the Fateweaver).

He stole a trapezoid, which is a powerful magical device with which he removed and stored people’s souls. He killed and gutted a merchant (Mortreyu) and children, arranging their innards in the crest of his family.

He was said to be one of the three. The Three Decievers. Yes, those Deceivers, of the Mirror Wraith’s Prophecy.

I say the clouds gather, because these voices of the past have resurfaced, Sidhlot and Sorrow may be tied to them. Lasarhhtha came to give some of us the same old visions at TGSW. Crossing’s bells of warning tolled.

The following is the brief, edited, conversation with Andraethu. (of which I was a part, but my own thoughts I have not scribed)

Candidus thought, "Andraethu. Now that is a name I haven’t seen in a very long time. What are you doing amongst us villian?"

Andraethu thought, "You overestimate me."

Candidus thought, "Overestimate? Not likely. I’m very cautious with your likes."

Candidus thought, "Stay sharp Durah. I don’t think most of these kids realize what’s up here."

Andraethu thought, "I’m flattered, really I am. Would you like me to pay everyone a visit?"

Andraethu thought, "I could say hello to old …friends."

Candidus thought, "Stick around long enough by all means Andraeth. And I’m sure the Y’shai will track you down eventually. "

Crayzeke thought, "ya know the bells in xing tolled awhile back was a warning of some sort"

Wildmann thought faintly, "did they toll?"

Candidus thought, "Yes I’m sure your dear sister Demosel would love to greet you. With a broadsword most likely."

Andraethu thought, "Blood is thicker than water, now. Runny, too."

Candidus thought, "Why are you here Villian? Was not the death of the merchant long ago and those children enough for you?"

Sadar thought, "Durah .. always thinking with your bank book "

Allarsk thought, "wonder where the finger that was attached to it went"

Andraethu thought, "Lovely. I hope you enjoy it. Tell the urchin I said "hello.""

Candidus thought, "Not alot of old friends for you to visit Andraethu. Why don’t you crawl back under whatever rock you crawl out of and stay there for a few centuries."

Andraethu thought, "No, I think not. I’ve been away for far too long. I’ve learned so much. I can’t wait to share."

Sadar thought, "Exactly when and where do you plan to .. share.."

Wildmann thought faintly, "without making me feel stupid and all, is Andraethu a name i should know? heh."

Allarsk thought, "FYI Wildmann, Andaethu is a name out of the past, he is/was brother to the famed artisan Demosel and he committed atrocities concerning children"

Allarsk thought, "i remember the events from my youth in these lands when i lived in riverhaven"

Candidus thought, "Complete and utter insanity is all this one has to share. He is a villian of the foulest sort. I’m in Crossing Wild."

Andraethu thought, "Oh, come now. I think down deep inside, you all really love me. You adore me."

Sadar thought, "Vanity thy name is Andraethu"

Andraethu thought, "My journeys have changed me, I’ll grant you this. I’ve gained a clarity unlike any I’ve ever possessed."

Candidus thought, "Keep hanging around Andraethu. I’m sure Stavro would love to speak with you. Perhaps you’ll hear his blade. chuckles"

Andraethu thought, "Mindless Y’Shai. Really."

Candidus thought, "Yet they still hunt you. And they will find you one day."

Andraethu thought, "And what do you do? Do you hunt me as well? To what end?"

Candidus thought, "Can’t say for certain on that one yet old boy. Guess we’ll have to see how events unfold."

Wildmann thought, "why doncha tellz us what y’learned in your exile then we all be nice and happy and go about our business."

Andraethu thought, "I can say that at lleast honesty drenches your thoughts. Like a soft bleeding skin in the middle of a field."

Andraethu thought, "And with that, I shall retreat from this discussion. We’ll met. Oh, how we’ll met. And we’ll dance together, perhaps."

Candidus thought, "Make any bleeding skins and see how soon people are hunting yer slimy arse Andraethu."

Wildmann thought, "anyone tell you that yer even more barbaric than a bloody barbarian Andraethu? I feel outdone "

Candidus thought, "I’ll look forward to it Deceiver."

Be well fellow elanthians, and be ready. Let us hope that no midnight sun will shine upon these lands. (Note: See Mirror Wraith Prophecy)


PS: Memory lane isn’t supposed to come back to haunt us, but it just did. .