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Posted by on 2000 Feb 14 |

The DPRM is Recruiting

(Crossing, Zoluren: Arhat 360)

A crossbow bolt rips into the room and imbeds itself into the bar. A note hangs from the shaft. It reads:

"The Dragon Priest Revival Movement (DPRM) is eager to bring some new members in. If you worship the World Dragon, have leanings towards the Dragon Priests’ holy or political standing, or would like to help us achieve our divine goal, we encourage you to contact Kystrk Kri’Kriath about joining. We will talk a bit, and most likely you will then be initiated. Thank you for your time.


Mystic Kystrk Kri’Kriath, High Dragon Priest

p.s.Sorry bout the damage…the bolt should cover it."

Baresh gives a small chuckle as he notices the bolthead is solid platinum

"Oh, I’ll just bet they want new members," Baresh mutters darkly under his breath. He picks up the note and holds it over the trash basket. Shaking his head and muttering something else, he seems to change his mind, and leaves it on the bar.