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Posted by on 2000 Feb 12 |

Times of War

(Crossing, Zoluren: Arhat 360)

Times are no longer peaceful. Blood flows like the Segoltha River. The very existence of the realms is in danger. Our hope is what a group is going to do, a run on Sorrow’s Keep. Everyone remembers why no one goes around the S’lai grounds. We were forced off. That night fire rained upon the helpless and S’lai came in waves, mostly screamers and crossbowmen.

Now the other night the Crossing was assaulted by approx. three waves of S’lai and Elpazi attacked the gates, bank, and from what I heard, the ferry. From what I heard and observed was that ranged weapons worked better than melee. If this was true I did not see it with my eyes. I was healing in the empath guild and sometimes on the field.

—Invasion Tips—

1. Use throwaway weapons
–Don’t bring the weapon that cost you several gold to get. Thieves pray on those that carry expensive weapons.
2. Don’t be afraid to back down
–In the heat of battle is it better live and defend or die and lose. Invasions are better won when we have people fighting.
3. Herbs
–Few people understand the use of herbs. Herbs will heal wounds then and later. This can be a big help for empaths and clerics on the field.

This is for those who are not prepared:

The defense of the city depends on those willing to defend it. Last I heard, Garfaldo was organizing the Crossing defenses. Get involved. Be ready to stand your duty.

Everyone can do something, whether you think you are skilled enough for the front lines or not. Each guild has several abilities, skills, and talents; and short-lived skirmishes, all out war, or even a seige will need people who are organized and act wisely in a number of capacities.

Final thing before everyone dislikes me is FAVORS! Favors are your friend. Stock up now. Do not be a fool and end up having to ask for a cleric’s personal favor because you didn’t plan ahead. They are simple.