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Posted by on 2000 Feb 18 |

Triage Spots

(Crossing, Zoluren: 247 Moliko 360)

A church mouse slowly creeps into the tavern, so small Baresh nearly squishes it as he’s moving behind the bar. He looks down at it, squinting, and notices a piece of paper in its mouth. The mouse nudges Baresh’s ankles, and drops the paper, quickly scurrying off.

Baresh picks up the paper and from the bar, you can just make out what it reads.


Baresh, if you’d be so kind as to post this up in your establishment, I’d be eternally grateful. This is important to all, with the war gaining momentum. Tis a list of all the Triage spots that the council , myself, and many others have helped to create.


1. Kaerna Well, Camp leader: Mystanya

2. Temple Ruins, Camp leader: Janyl

3. Gaethrends Court, Camp leader: Starsha

4. Waterfalls, NTR, Camp leader: (open)

We need a few people to lead a spot, or help with organizing. If ye be interested, please read the ‘Meeting of Minds’ on how to reach me. We need all guilds, all levels of skill. We need *all* people, nae just young, nae just old, and if ye think you have nothing to offer, talk to me, and I’ll assuage your doubts! Thank ye much.



Baresh smiles as he realizes that the mouse must be the companion Mystanya talks so much about. A moment later, Baresh receives another note from the mouse, and it reads:

Baresh, next time, watch yer feet. Ye almost squished poor Peepers. She came back nervous as a chicken durin’ a famine!

Baresh chuckles and blushes a little, then begins to find a place to put Mystanya’s notice.