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Posted by on 2000 Mar 21 |

Unnatural Blizzard Blankets the Provinces

(Crossing, Zoluren: 375 Nissa 360)

It was 10 days before winter was even here when there was a sudden cold the likes of which I do not ever remember feeling.

Within a short span of time, a blizzard blew snow all over around us.

That was 35 days ago. The blizzard has not let up yet.

Everywhere we go in any of the Provinces, it is the same, the cold, biting winds bring a terrible winter snow storm that does not stop. Not even for a brief amount of time has it paused.

Moon Mages attempt to predict the weather and find signs of horrific storms, but many of them see rain, not snow in those predictions. Which is also pretty odd.

But it continues to blanket the lands. People take shelter in homes, in taverns, and other places inside — others bundle up and brave the storm. Many hunting grounds do not seem as full.

Where is this unnatural blizzard coming from? Why? What does it mean?

I am cold, and I am worried for us all. Are the waters already frozen over which the Gorbesh travelled down here during the Red Winter? Are we going to have to worry about them along with Sorrow’s Elpazi?

I long for the sun, the moons, and the stars again.