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Posted by on 2000 Mar 10 |

Update on Triage

(Crossing, Zoluren: 330 Dolefaren 360)

A church mouse squeaks excitedly and nudges Baresh’s ankles. The barkeep looks down at the mouse and says, "Hello Peepers. What news today?" Peepers drops a slip of paper, and Baresh reads it, and posts it up for all to see.

A slip of paper reads:


Greetings all, I have a quick update for ye, after a productive meeting of triage, we’ve made a few changes:

1. Spots and Leaders-

Janyl – Temple

Mystanya – Well

Rasan – Waterfall

Nethia – Wandering group

2. We changed the meeting time and place to:

Thursdays, 10pm eastern elanthian, and in the cleric guild chapel.

If ye are interested in helping, or just to add a voice, please come to these meetings. They are open to everyone, and we don’t often have a large crowd. We need everyone to know where to take the dead and where to go to be healed.

Safe paths all.