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Posted by on 2000 Jan 8 |

Visions of a Lady

(Crossing, Zoluren: 83 Lirisa 360)

Last eve, I had the pleasure of meeting Paragon Lef and accompanying her and several others on a tour of the fair city of Riverhaven. She was there seeking to know the history of Riverhaven and inquiring as to the standing stones in the Zaulflung area. We journied to the academy, and then onward to the Cleric Guild where we met a couple who were a part of The Guard in Theren.

There she spoke with this couple briefly and they ensured her that they were organizing groups to stand fast in ‘Haven. This couple joined us and Lef stated she wanted to see the standing stones.

We ventured there and once there began inspecting the stones.

Lef touched the black stone and immediately fell to her knees, emitting a high-pitched scream, the likes of which I’ve never heard. She began chanting something in ‘Toggish which none of us understood. Unfortunately there was nae a ‘Tog amongst us. Another Empath and I immediately checked her for wounds and were aghast to find that a nasty gash was forming on her head. She kept clutching at her head in agony and writhing on the ground in pain as we watched near helpless.

We tried dragging her away from the source of evil, but alas, she was too heavy for most of us. Finally a gent dragged her and we followed hurriedly trying to take her wounds before she fell. At this point, her skull was crushed and there was naught we could do but stand by and watch her demise. It was a sad state indeed. We all entered a Moongate to the Hospital area of Riverhaven where Lef was resurrected and then began to recount the tales of what had occurred to her.

To her amazement, she could not believe that we did not see what she saw. She kept asking if we had seen the same thing. We all just numbly shook our heads. She said that once she had touched the stone, a hand reached out and grabbed hers, and the pain she felt was unbearable. She dropped to her knees and said that the pain grew so immense that she reached out for the hand, begging for release from the torture she was under. That was when she fell. She says that she saw us all as dead lying around her, when in fact it was she who was lying dead. She feared she had failed us all at this point, and this is when she started to have visions as well.

She says she saw… A sword aloft a mountain top… A broken stone that cannot be broken… A cavern overflowing with blood… A castle in the swamp, it’s towers mutely erect.

She asked us all if any of this seemed familiar and we could not allay her fears for we could not untangle the riddles before us. We pondered whether these visions were from the past or in the future to come. For we know of no castles in the swamp. We sat and contemplated until we could no more, then parted ways with the promise to notify Lef if anything she had seen might present itself to us at a later date. We all stated we would search the academies and such for more information on the standing stones and these visions.

Please, if any of you out there can enlighten us or share some insight to these visions meanings, any interpretation would be greatly appreciated. Please forgive my recollections if I’ve left out anything or such, I pray my memory serves me correctly and Lef’s visions will be shared amongst us all in the hopes of aiding this lass in her quest for peace.

Elsea Wynmoor Elothean Empath Child of Hodierna