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Posted by on 2000 May 29 |

A Day Of Actionss

(Stone Clan, Zoluren: Arhat 361)

A group of battered warriors storms in the door and takes a seat at a large table. The group is obviously saddened by something, and they order a large quanity of drinks to lull their sadness.

Baresh says, "So lads, what’s the matter?"

A dwarf pipes up, "Baresh it’s been a long, hard, and taxxing day at Stone Clan."

Odosku Guwardia and a companion stroll up to the bar.

Odosku grunts out, "It all started this morning. Blasword was trying again to blow up sstuff in the Reach with his naptha bombs. He failed, and Sorrow took no time in sending out swarm after swarm of Screamers down towards the Trail. When I first heard of this, I ran to Stone Clan and gathered up a large group of strong warriors. These included Bistro, Kain, Slitz, Grekkin, Starlighte, Myself, and many others. I marched them up the trail. We took out about 7 Screamers on the way."

Odosku buys some beverages for the female sitting next to him.

Anwen, "Thank you Odo."

Anwen smiles at Odosku.

With a smile to Anwen, Odosku continues with his tale.

"We were about 3/4 of the way to the riverbank when my group came accross the first swarm. At first, we ran a little, checking out the area to see how many screamers there actually were. The group was divided when we moved and many were already engaged. The group that was left behind battled it out with the screamer swarm as I led the others against the swarm to the east. We all did very well. I don’t think we even lost one soul. We regrouped and kept going. We slaughtered the strays, and came back to find another group battling with the s’lai. We of course helped out, and in no time, the area was cleared."

Odo grabs some Dwarven Ale from his Travel Pack and downs it, quenching his thirst.

"I then broke from the group to scout the area. It was all clear up to the riverbank! I went back to report the good news to my group, and as soon as someone said "There’s sure to be more soon", another swarm popped in on us. We were unprepared, and before I could draw my sword, I was engaged with 5 Screamers. Now, mind you that I am a 1st circler. I had 32 screamer kills to my name, but that was one on one flanking most of the time. The 5 on 1 did not agree with me, and I fell quickly. Luckily there were many a MM in the area, and I was dragged to safety."

Fornary, a Dwarven Paladin, strolls up to the bar. He picks out a large goblet of ale from Odo’s pack and takes a few sips. "I found Odo here when he was gettin glyphed and everything one west of the Trader’s Outpost. As usual, he was greeting friends, making sly remarks, and flirting with the cute……"

Before he can finish, Odo quickly covers his mouth with his hand. He then whispers to him not to mention that part in the tale while a lady is with him.

Fornary makes a wide grin and winks at Odo.

Anwen grins, knowing all to well what is going on.

[Odo] "Well, once I was living again, I ran back and gathered up another group. We bolted into the reach, and met the 4 swarms of screamers that had collected during our the time we were gone. We were slaughtered once again. I ran as far I could, but it was in vain. I fell once more and had to be dragged off to the Lava Flow for a quick Raising."

"I decided to kick back in Xing a while. I wanted to see what friends were ’round. That’s when I found Anwen here sitting outside the Empath’s guild. She begged me to take her to help heal people (she’s a puff also, and a fluffy puff at that). So, we went back up the NTR and took her to the lava flow. After a while, she had enough healing for the day, and we came bacck to town."

"Now I did some more battling through out the day. I even met up with Madigan and Steelers group, and we battled together also. We layed siege with a massive group of at least 30 strong warriors against shartug, prayk, and parnore’s army. We entered in, and were masacered there as well. We killed shartug, and took out some s’lai and elpalzi, but it was basically a waste of time and planning. Once I was gated back to the cleric and puff outpost near the trail, I heard the news which we greave over now…. Stone Clan had been directly assaulted. The sentinels were destroyed by the blast of a naptha bomb we had set off on our siege. S’lai and Elpalzi had infested all of the Clan, and Sorrow and Prayk both had been in the Book Room. I got alive as quickly as possible, and went into the fray at Stone Clan, drivin by my hatred for the s’lai and elpalzi and my duty to protect the Clan. It was the saddest sight I have ever beheld."

A tear trickles down Odo’s face. He quickly wipes it away, and Anwen gives him a comforting pat on the back.

"I did what I could, but footsoldiers got to me, and had to get out of there. After a while, I came back to Stone Clan, after it was clear, and stood guard at the Book until the end of the night."

The rest of the group that had been sitting at the table, walk up to the bar and all order another round.

Saddened by the talk of the day, Odo gathers up the troop and heads out, after paying for his party.