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Posted by on 2000 May 29 |

A Not-so Wonderful Day

(Crossing, Zoluren: 249 Moliko 361)

I woke up happy today, smiling at the bright sunshine rising over the hills to the north…almost forgetting Sorrow and his band of diplomatically possessed followers.

Just as I reached for the morning’s first snifter of rum, the thought of Sorrow and all the sorrow he has caused crossed my mind. Skipping the rum…I quickly ran out the door and to the entrance of Sorrow’s keep, where, to my surprise, were gathered several people, some of which I knew, some I did not.

We sat and talked for a bit, when suddenly Lieutenant Parnore started talking to the crowd that had gathered. Of course someone said something not-so smart…and a group of S’lai entered promptly. Realizing that we should probably do something about this wrong-doing…Fararen and I decided to rally a few troops. The only purpose being, to take the barricade beyond the tunnel out. This at first seemed like a good idea. Little did we know…very little.

The first attempt seemed to be a failure, making us feel rather down…but no sooner than we got raised another force was there. As we fought, we seemed to be making a bit of a dent in the defenses. So we decided to lay a cauldron bomb at the barricade…hoping it would blow it to smitherines. Again, little did we know…or we knew…we just didn’t decide to do anything differently. The bomb…place. The bomb…taken. It didn’t surprise me very much when 3 or 4 minutes later…the bomb exploded. Only not at the barricade where we dropped it…but at the tunnel entrance where Lt. Parnore(or some other lacky of Sorrow’s) dropped it. This of course caused us to be trapped in the tunnel…with little to do, and much to think about.

Several minutes into the waiting, Lord Sorrow appear and began talking. After silencing a few wiled Zoluren citizens(no names mentioned) he told us we could either swear to him…or stay there and rot. The dead choosing to swear to him were as quickly removed. This leaving their loyality to be questioned, but only by the few stubborn enough not the understand the situation.

As the day progressed…several more attempts on the barricade were carried out. As predicted…none succeeding. None making a dent. The funny thing is that none even had a slight change in strategy. Just a random mass of chaos. Little order was presented…and the leadership of the Crossing is in question to many. Much including myself. Not saying they didn’t give brave and valiant efforts…many a hero died…many a story told through the eyes of others. Many a great warrior slain. If a sensible plan could have been devised…or even a sensible defensive plan…today would have been a much greater day, for all, and not just for Sorrow’s minions.

Tomarrow is another day…spread deep with the angst of Sorrow’s grip in Zoluren. Perhaps we may prepare ourselves better…because tomarrow is only a day away.