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Posted by on 2000 May 19 |

A Tale Of Bravery

(Kaerna, Zoluren: 209 Arhat 361)

The Tavern’s door bursts open with a loud bang, as a dark figure enters through it. The figure belts out, "Baresh! Drinks are on the house for everyone!". There is a loud stifling roar of cheering from the bar as the man takes a seat. He removes the helm from his head and sets it down on the bar. It is Odosku Guwardia!

Baresh inquires, "How goes the invasion Odo?".

The plump little dwarf replies, "We held our own. Many a person’s life was taken at first, but reinforcements poured in from The Crossing. It was with this help that we won the battle."

Odosku orders a few dozen drinks, making sure to sample each beverage on the menu.

"Boy I’ll tell ya Baresh, ‘ole Baltizal err however ye say his name can sure lead a good defense! He gathered up the lot of us, and paraded us about the battle ground like a regular Cap’n of the Guard."

Odosku gazes fondly at a mug of Zombie’s Revenge sitting on the bar.

Baresh hands out some more drinks to other members of the bar that bow to Odosku as they take them from Baresh.

"So give me some details Odo, what happened?"

"Welp, some bards went in fer Sorrow due to him takin away their friends, and in doin’ so, they died, and Sorrow sent a retaliation. He broadcasted it on the gweth’s before he did, so we were all ready (somewhat) for it." "The Whole thing lasted prolly about several roisan, but it seemed to take an eternity. When I was struck down the first time, I had to wait a while. Then someone got the smart idea to open a moongate to lessen the deader number. Well, i got hauled off to the cleric guild, and at the same time, S’lai were a marchin down the NTR. Warriors and Footsoldiers camped around the northern part of Crossing for a while. It was there that i was struck down a second time, shortly after bein’ givin life from the first time."

Baresh smirks, "You’d think you’d learn…"

Odosku ignores Baresh and downs every drink he has in record time.

"Anyways ‘ole boy, by the time i got alive the second time, it was all over. Of course this whole time I’m drinkin booz and a fightin at the same time. So what I say may not be exactly what other people say. But that’s what I remember."

Odosku wobbles, looking a bit faint. Then his eyes start to turn yellow…

"Gotta run Baresh. I hear Kertigen callin me name to the "John"."

Odosku pays baresh a bag of gold coins, and stumbles out the door.

No sooner does Odosku leave than StrongCloud Seignasay walks in, another eyewitness to the defense of Elanthia’s heroes.

StrongCloud tells Baresh, "Sorrow himeself joined his Minions in the battle this time. I donnae know what Sidhlot wants with tha Bards but I tell ye this They are nae going to give it ta him without a fight!"

StrongCloud drinks the last of his brandy down he walks out of the bar throwing two silver lirums to Baresh, "Till next we meet Baresh"