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Posted by on 2000 May 27 |

Aiding the entertainment

(Riverhaven, Therengia: Arhat 361)

A young cleric you don’t recognise strolls into the tavern clanking heavily in his stolen gorbesh plate. He plops down and orders a glass of water, wrapping his tail around his waist.

Looking at baresh he smiles and says, "I hear this is the place to come when ye have a story on your hands. Well it seems I do."

Glancing about nervously before he continues, his cat slitted eyes narrowed,"A bard came to me the other night,I can’t remember the exact time, or even the date these days, He was weary, and his spirit nearly broken. He was shaking from cold."

"I asked him if I could help, and he continued to babble something about sorrow and a name that sounded like Sidhlot.", The priest continued.

Smiling the cleric touches an emulet hung around his neck bearing the boar the wolverine and the centuar, "I called upon my lord Everild to heal this mans soul and protect him from further evil, channeling manna into the chant for added power, and everything seemed ok."

"I then began asking him how he came to such a state, It appears that not only was this fellow kidnapping bards and forcing them to sing, but he was taking tokens, a single hair from each of his captives… Linking his soul to theirs so he could feed off of them.." The cleric sighs.

The bard lived the night… but tomorrow is another story..

Drinking his water he stands and begind to walk out, then remembering himself he tosses a couple bronze on the bar and smiles before walking out the doors